By horribledriver - 01/12/2009 22:48 - United States

Today, I was driving down a highway during rush-hour. I heard my phone ring and couldn't find it. I bent down to feel around for it and got in an accident and totaled my car. The ringing? A commercial on the radio. Where was my phone? On my dresser at home. FML
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That's why you ignore the sound of ringing phones when you're on the road. Pull over next time.

bobsanction 18

The idea of trying to answer your phone while driving.


That's why you ignore the sound of ringing phones when you're on the road. Pull over next time.

In California you aren't even allowed to be on your phone while driving. If a cop sees you on one, ticket time. You deserve this. You could of done a lot worse to someone else. Hope that person got all your information.

Reyo 2

If you were a real man, you'd know exactly where your phone was...because it would be in your POCKET.

aero_fml 0

Exactly, I read this and I thought you'd be a chick. Keep your phone in the same place all the time ffs... (que feminist arguments here)

Right on sister! Real men keep their phone in their pockets and their purse in their handbags.

Yep OP, you deserved it. Pay attention to the road you fuckstain.

double facepalm when just one is simply not enough...

if he was a real man, he wouldn't have crashed his car in the first place

@11 & 20 What about Canada? Driving on the phone's recently become illegal nationwide.

I thought it would be a woman as well.

anyone else notice that he heard his phone ringing but later he said that it was on his drawer how'd he hear it ring I call bs

justbemellow 0

WTF, he said it was just a commercial.

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dark prince you are an utter moron

ouch that sucks!!! id be hella pissed at the radio station if that was me. Sorry about ur car. but why u even looking for your phone in the car... you can also get a ticket if u were caught on the phone

Depends on where they live. It isn't illegal to use your phone while driving everywhere.

yeah cause it's totally the radio stations fault 🙄

Alice_Cullen7 0
bobsanction 18

The idea of trying to answer your phone while driving.


******* idiot. that phone should have been shoved up your ass.

Tawnkat 13

How funny. I was thinking the same exact thing. High five!

EVEN IF YOURE PHONE WAS RINGING YOU SHOULDNT LOOK FOR IT BECAUSE THEN YOUD ANSWER IT AND YOU SHOULDNT USE A PHONE WHILE DRIVING..yeah theres gonna be alot of those comments^ so i decided to get it over with >.<

That really sucks but you just have the normal ringtone because usually people have there's set to something else like a song or one of the free tones that come with it.

I hope for your sake you didn't tell your insurance company how you totaled your car. Although you'd totally deserve it if you could never afford insurance again.

gigi37 0

If OP was stupid enough to rummage through his car looking for his phone (and not being able to differentiate his own ringtone) while driving, I'm *hoping* he was stupid enough to tell his insurance; he deserves the high rates and anything else they make him pay for Fuck you OP for being careless and endangering the lives around you.

OHMYEFFINGGAWSH he tried to answer the phone while on the road

palmtrees 1

It's not really so much that fact as that he was stupid enough to take his eyes off of the road and rummage around by his feet while driving instead of (a) letting it go and looking for it when he got home or (b) pulling over and looking for it if he thought it might be urgent. Not really that hard a situation to avoid.