By whatnot - 04/08/2011 04:04 - Canada

Today, while stuck in traffic on the highway, my 5 year-old in the back seat asked me why the man in the car next to us was pulling on the other man's "peepee". FML
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Well son, that's just how some men like to have a good time.

Let's hope your kid doesn't try it out.


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First,and i'd be like they're playing tug of war son!

Sorry, what's that? I can't hear you over our free health care.

Maybe it's because gay marriage is legal in Canada because we arent discriminating racists

Ok then 0.o Fair enough if your gay, but why in public? Seriously. There are kids around - duurrrrr

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when I think of gays I think of San Francisco. last time us educated ppl from Canada checked, that's in the US. ;)

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Why you Canadians so defensive?

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Have you seen how Americans react when they are being insulted here? Canadians are much more chill.

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Because Canada and America are both equally great countries and there's that one retarded who starts that war about who's better

Let's hope your kid doesn't try it out.

Well, consider this: if uncle jack helped you off an elephant, would you help uncle jack off an elephant?

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Yes I would help my uncle Jack, off an elephant.

Eventually he will, so it's just a funny anecdote and FML imo ;-).

Right now- yes In the future -You homophobe

Get phone aim at window *picture*, as they drive past aim at plates *picture* , pull over email to police along with explanation. But since they likely didn't do that the car behind them has to explain to their kids too.

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take him on the subway if you really want to teach him some life lessons *shudder*

104- What's on a subway that's worse than what that kid saw? I'm really curious.

According to my book, How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk, you should have asked the child, "Why do you think the man is pulling on the other man's peepee?" Reflect it back upon the child so they will think of an answer and save you from inventing one. You could also add that sometimes boys like boys and girls like girls. Done and done.

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38- actually it would be "Yes, I would help my uncle, Jack, off an elephant"

It is actually if Jack helped you off a horse; would you help jack off a horse ( note capitals) What did you say? As to the reason??

108- Not just any subway. A New York subway. Those things are... dangerous.

Hope he doesn't try it? Homophobic jerk

Well son, that's just how some men like to have a good time.

Yeah, it's normal these days. They were just doing yoga exercises.

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I hope he wouldn't take that to heart and in the future try to "have fun" with his friends. Cause someone is going to get KO'd

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My parents would probably tell me they were just wrestling...

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No number 23! The one guy was giving the other massage therapy. Duh

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He should have said because he hates god son =D

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that was an FML reference :/ I hoped someone would notice ^^

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That'sssssssss a very nicccccce comment you have there :) Sssssssssssssss

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Why thank you, numbers 181 and 186. :)

Was one of them crying at the same time?

LOL, noob. Refrences aren't funny if the other FML was posted at the same time as this one.

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LOL, noob. Fail trolls aren't funny.

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LOL, noob. You're just trying to start an argument.

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!sdrawkcab klat nac I .sboon ,LOL

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LOL, noobs. Get a life. ಠ_ಠ

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LOL, noobs. I think we deterred from the original noob.

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88: Youre on FML, your argument is invalid.

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I am not arguing. My "argument" is therefore a statement, or better yet, a command. ಠ_ಠ

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They were passing time in the midst of the traffic jam, apparently.

I think it is so classless when people mess around in cars. They either do not realize people can see them or they just don't care. Either way it is disgusting.

OR, just a suggestion: They actually enjoy life. Instead of being so stuck up.

I'm not stuck up at all. I'm far from it. and I'm not boring. I just wouldn't mess around with my bf while people are driving past us.

That's why he'll leave you for someone more adventurous.

Its the thrill of being caught or trying not to be. Missionary with the lights off you is it?

We mess around in plenty of other places. Just not while driving in a car. Sorry if that's not ok with u. Grow up

37, I never said I will only have sex in the bedroom. Just not while driving. If I only had sex with him missionary w/lights off then yes, he would probably be bored but that's not the case.

'Iam1awesomechick' may I point out a contradiction in your 'About Me' you speak of not judging and disliking judgers and then you proceed to make a judgement on people who say 'ur' instead of your/you're and then proceed to say '2' instead of spelling two as would be appropriate in the context as it wasn't a mathematical equation but a sentence therefore we use letters and not numbers.

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That's what window tint is for.

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So she's not an exhibitionist. Get over it!

In fairness to Awesome.. she makes a point. They are in *bumper to bumper traffic.* At least one kid can see him giving a hand job. Gross.

Having a preference =/= Being stuck up. So she has an opinion, who cares? Just move on. I didn't know that people were such assholes these days...

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It's the Internet 74, anything's possible.

Cash, ass or grass, no one rides for free!

Cash, ass or grass, no one rides for free!

I'm almost 24 years old. I'm over the whole car sex thing.

Your name on here is Iam1awesomechick you are obviously very boring and trying to you even have a boyfriend?

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#55 - Let her type how she wants you trolling asshole.

Matias_Says_FML 4

#55 - Let her type how she wants you trolling asshole.

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Ummm, did you guys not just read the same FML as me? Fooling around in the car may be exciting and fun for you or what the hell ever, but it isn't exciting or fun for a parent to explain this to their child. Five years old is way too young to have to explain something like that. I'm not sure if you are aware, but people suppress these memories and it can intensify other deep seeded emotional problems. So, I hope your excitement is worth making someone else's life a little more difficult. I minor in child psychology, I do research and therapy with children and things like this come up all of the time. Children correlate those vague explanations of x-rated shit like that with bad things sometimes. I hope you all feel happy with yourselves.

BJ, SWD (sex while driving), SWFD (sex while friends drive, changing drivers to get to the backseat... All really fun! When your not driving the car is dangerous you always get caught... All good drivers should try this and only good drivers anotherwards if you have been driving 10 years with no accidents go for it!!!

GJ Spamming a lot. And let me ask you this: Why do you think most of your comments are Buried? Because no one cares what you have to say. You're stuck up, that's pretty much a fact.

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