By CrappyLuck - 04/08/2011 02:43 - United States

Today, I took my 8 month-old to the Urgent Care due to extreme constipation. I spent $25 for my son to poop on me the second the doctor had me remove his diaper. FML
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flockz 19

should of slathered him in pepto.


flockz 19

should of slathered him in pepto.

Shit balls, that's a rough one.

EarAcheMyEYE10 2

At least he didn't piss on you too!

well then he wasnt REALLY constipated now was he...

tybtab 5

that is a shitty situation.

Scared shitless.

You were shit outta luck :(

flockz 19

you guys must think your hot shit huh?

YourEvilHero 12

all of your responses are quite... "shitty"

flockz 19

dont say shit like that. i'll fuck your shit up! ok im done.

juicedboi 7

"Insert witty pun involving the word "shit" here".

Juiced, you might want to reconsider that "witty" part.

Was the diaper wrapped THAT tight?? Next time, take junior outside next to a dumpster and save your $25 bucks.

i13Zero 5

Oh no! $25!

OP, who gives a shit?

what a shity day huh??

What a shitty comment, huh?

organic Butt plus suck!

Gruv3r14 1

Well, it was only $25.

For $25 it better have been the most righteous of deuces!

cheeser9 0


jessesgirl14 16

A tablespoon of karo syrup in 8 oz of liquid should help.... Or miralax! Anything to help him go...

cc_the_beast 6

Castor oil is quite literally the shit. All the bub would need is a couple of drops.

I think op is trying to say that a filled diaper caused the babies constipation.

3 kiwis is the natural way to go

idontcare8l 3

Thats shitty


A shit joke, really clever

idontcare8l 3

I hear poop i say shitt what can i say

Lol well coulda been worse...coulda payed 1000

lulututu 4

That's what I'm thinking.

Yea look on the bright side, $25 isn't that much and at least your baby isn't constipated anymore.

what I was thinking. 25 whole dollars huh?

Well, that's one way to look at it. But, yeah. $25 really isn't that much money for a doctor's visit.

jmatx 0

Thats a shity situation

No shit Sherlock.

flockz 19

6- I bet you think your hot shit for making that comment.

omgcookeys 15

6- that was a pretty shitty comment you posted.

flockz 19

ok we need to stop or we're gonna scare him shitless with all these shitty comments.

How can you stop the shit? Oh wait; butt plugs up to certain level.

Refunds accepted???

Stylin_Since_97 10

I would've hugged the doctor in return for his precious time

XxgreymoonxX 8

xD maybe he wanted an audience?