By mrteacher - United States
  Today, I was driving to work and I had to pee really badly. I am a teacher and my school was another 20 miles so I stopped on the side of the road. About halfway through, a bus full of laughing kids went by. They were all my students. My pants were down. FML
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  GoNow  |  0

Lmao. This is hilarious. But, I love this site better it's better then FMyLife It always will be

  seanreddog  |  4

Maybe OP had 2 go poopy? I'd like to know how old your students are. If it's high school and the students took video with their phone, that sucks. But then again that might not be as bad as elementary kids coming home and saying, "I saw teachers winkey today". I could see some lawsuits in your future. FYL either way. 

By  idontgiveone  |  0

BS. So if you had to pee really badly, why didn't you do it in your house. Is the school that you work in that far away from your home? O_O Or did you just feel like you had to pee so suddenly when you were in your car already.
Weird. idk.

  EMR_fml  |  0

He's from South Dakota so it's probably a pretty rural area. There's likely only one school in the whole county and the kids have to be bussed in from all over.

  Layneebby  |  0

I do.
My school district doesn't have a high school, its not big enough, there were only 465 kids in my pre-k thru 8 school when i was there.
There are about 5 distrcts that go to one high school, my bus ride is about an hour once we pick up all the kids.

  lexiBRo  |  0

Any of the kids that are in magnet schools in my area can ride a bus from anywhere within the county which definitely spans more than 20miles so it is more than possible...