By Joe - 13/9/2021 20:00

Don't get involved

Today, some kid on the bus kept pissing me off, making fart jokes and singing the Peppa Pig theme song on repeat. Angrily, I confronted him and asked him if he was 7. He retaliated with, "Yeah, 7 inches deep in your MOM!" FML
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By  hopejm  |  2

whom ever the hell said that op deserved it IS AN IDIOT. I would have bitch slapped the kid myself. Pepa pug is for little kids and annoying!

By  J1523  |  8

I am sorry but that shit is hilarious. First off, as annoying as the child may have been the more adult thing would have been to ignore it. By engaging with the child all you did was make yourself look like an ass and get owned by a 7 year old apparently. Its hilarious shit. I am sorry.