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  ForwardUn2Dawn  |  18

*Animal Documentary Narrators Voice* Observe as the wild males of New York assert dominance over each other by leaving areas marked with urine. Such is the way in the wild streets of New York.

  Eddyisme  |  4

Typically girls wouldn't have to "shake" things though. Unless they just want to. Or they weren't girls to begin with, or if they've added a penis.

  chrisbeaudoin  |  26

I read urinal as funeral and got very confused, lol.

  JustinJK  |  21

I guess you guys haven't been to large sporting events, movie theaters, a theme park, or any other overcrowded place bc this rule goes out the window

By  arano  |  29

The name you picked for yourself made me laugh more than the actual FML, lol. Seriously though, why didn't you say something? The least the guy could've done is apologize, but he probably didn't even realize he splashed you because you didn't say so.


I'm thinking a regular gentle shake would not have splashed the OP unless he was standing very very close.
He must have given it a real good shake or swung it around like a helicopter to manage to hit OP with the droplets.