By Scarred - 04/09/2009 05:15 - United States

Today, while riding in the car with my friends, we stopped at a red light. To our left, a very obese, middle aged man slowly unbuttoned his shirt and spread it out. He then stared at us while massaging his nipples with his thumb and index fingers for the duration of the red light. FML
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And people told me my reverse tinted windows were a bad idea...

Bwahahahahahaha, thats so awesome, the obese guy is instantly my favourite person in the world. Also FYL indeed, even if i think what the guy did is brilliant :P


thats not an fml. its really funny. quit quit being a baby about it. its not like he drugged you then had sex with your lifeless body. and you got AIDS. and your going to die in a month or something

Umm.... By your definition this site has no true FML-s.

tangerine_12 0

umm...yeah #11, this site is for people who have FUNNY mishaps every day, not completely TRAGIC stories. that would be about as interesting as MILA.

How is this an FML? I wish someone other than the thirteen-year-old 'tards on here would start moderating these things properly. THIS IS NOT AN FML. That was merely a brief, awkward exchange with a creeper.

sonic1 0

i find this extremely hilarious. i would have laughed to tears rather than felt the need to post on FML...

Hahaha, have fun sleeping now without the mental image popping up... :-o After I read this I've a mental image of Fat Bastard from Austin Powers in my head... :-o 'So do you like me titties?'

or hAve fun eating

i_is_a_tr00l 0

Thats so cool.  I hope it happens to me.

im doing this. im kinda female and not fat though....

lol (@) two cookies for you and btw ... wtf "kinda female?!" o.O"

salemwitch_fml 0

wtf is kinda female about this? mercy take back your cookie.... it's clearly confused and fat enough already


Sooo...are you part male? She-male? D:

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Shes saying it wouldnt work as well because shes a skinny girl. Not that she its kind of a girl.

So, trolls, should she not complain because it's a compliment or some bullshit?

I bet u watched the entire red light and were secretly aroused. clearly not a fml

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This sounds like it was thought up by a 13yr old.