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Today, at work at a gas station kiosk, a man requested a carton of cigarettes. We keep our cigarettes on a high shelf. I'm short and very large chested so I have to jump in order to reach the carton. He said, "I only come here for the entertainment" and left without purchasing his cigarettes. FML
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aprilmay91 tells us more.

We have a step stool but it broken and the last time I used it i fell and twisted my ankle and bruised my arm.


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"I only come here for the entertainment" It sounds like he has been at the gas station before. Just remember him, and don't fall for it again!

maybe should use a stool. just sayin.

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Sounds like the guy has good taste. Cant get that kind of entertainment on pay per view.

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Short and very large chested is translated into short and fat. 9 times out if 10 fit girls aren't "very large chested"

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113: Get educated before making a comment, please.

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I'm 5'3, large chested, and very much so in shape. Boobs are in my genes. You don't have to be fat to have em...

Are you sure boobs are in genes? (nit an expert) but i dont think thry are.

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Body type is. Think about families you know...

Yes, boob size can be inherited. If you have tall parents, you're more likely (though not guaranteed) to be tall. Same thing with boobs.

113 if what your saying was true I would be extant. So chill your balls

Lol 113 what a troll But anyways is there a matinee for this show?

Thank you skater Mcgee your doing gods work. sorry ive always wanted to say that but seriously that guy is a freaking genius

This guy is the ultimate troll. If i had footage of it, i would put a troll face over the guy who "wanted" the carton.

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As an expert, I'll tell you they are!!

Don't try to insult people you don't know. Big chested is far from fat

116- Naw, your wrong, all the guys in her family have to wear bra's too.

Maybe I'm the only one who opened the profile to check it out. Cute cat, by the way.

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#113 I'm 5'2, weigh 115, and have a size D boobs. In other words I'm short, large chested, and not fat. You're an idiot.

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At 5'2 I won't ever have to worry about finding a guy that's taller than me. Being short rocks.

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50-nothing wrong with that most men don't want a girl taller than then

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I like short women, they are awesome!

many men like short girls. I myself like short thin brunettes around a B cup (thus Rukia is my anime fantasy)

I'm not short, but I know a lot of people that are and they hate it. :/ i'm about 5'11" and probably not done yet, i'm only 14.

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I'm short and unfortunately large chested too :( I'm only 4'11. Quite a few guys have told me they think it's "adorable" that I'm so small but being viewed as "adorable" in my mind at least isn't cohesive with respect because it's as if they think you're vulnerable and need protecting.

Yeah, i prefer girls that are 5'0-5'4, and C cups, but that's just me, I know guys who are turned off by short/large-chested girls.

It takes a real man to make a girl feel safe, even when she's 6ft tall and used to TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS.

I hear ya. I've been 4"11 since 5th grade. I always had trouble finding a boyfriend because men always had a problem with my size. I always thought my knockers would make up for it but guess not.

At least I can say it's because I'm asian. . .

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I wouldn't quite say that. As a girl, being short seems cute and normal. _MOST_ girls don't exceed about 5'9". Being tall (to me) is annoying because you feel dorky and weird. I'm taller than all of my friends and I just kind of feel freak-ish.

Being a 6' 3" does have its downsides. Its hard to find clothes that fit and I hit my head of things

Good points all, but if you're a guy, being short is ******* terrible.

Next time try a ladder!(: But sorry OP fyl.

Go play Ace Attorney. *sigh* The philistines around here that I have to deal with...

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A step ladder is still a ladder. A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. A ladder by any other name would still give you height!

We have a step stool but it broken and the last time I used it i fell and twisted my ankle and bruised my arm.

Ok... I see how it is, OP! You reply to mjoyn98's comment but not mine! Well that's FINE!!! ;)

So complain to your boss. It's his responsibility to ensure the safety and comfort of his employees. Refuse to work if you're uncomfortable with the sexual harassment, IF he doesn't get you a new step stool.

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not going to lie...that is pretty funny. but yea, fyl.

168- Was the insult necessary? I mean yea, a stool or ladder might help the situation, but common, give her a break.

168- Awe, is it someone's time of the month?

I think bimbo fit here. "Very large chested" yet she only notices that jumping up & down in front of men to reach things, obviously for days on end, is putting on a show, until someone comments on it? Sounds to me like she's either an attention *****, or not to bright!

Yea in in college with a 4.0 and hold down a shitty job, and work at a nursing home in my spare time. A broken stole doesn't make me a bimbo but it makes you an asshole apparently.

Apparently I am inept when typing on an I -phone though.

That is kind of funny and kind of sucks at the same time. Hopefully it doesn't happen too often, OP!

I think it's pretty rude. Don't be an accidental attention ***** honey, get a stool!

Charge him and call it a service,you could make a business out of this. Every cloud has a silver lining,eh?

Pervy man:"Can I have that carton of cigarettes?" OP: "Sure but there is a $5 fee for each attempt at reaching them." Pervy man: "Agreed. Take as many attempts as you like."

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I feel your pain, op. I'm short and large chested, so I get sexually harassed sometimes too. It's sad what people do to show they like your body...

Can we be the judge . Lets see them if you really are big ;)

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It seems like 158 is a perfect example of said harassers.

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damn 158, way to be an outstanding dude...

When the shitless flexing guy is giving you tips on chivalry you know you screwed up somewhere.

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Yeah, you should get a step stool or something, I'm short too and I'd do that instead of jumping, and that guy was just a perv, and he was a jerk..

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And he will probably have one later as well!

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Clearly you don't know what it's like to be large chested. When I walk briskly for exercise (jogging is out of the question.) I have to wear TWO snug fitting sports bras and even then they jiggle quite a bit. Only if OP wore like 10 sports bras could she jump without jiggling a lot which isn't practical. She should just use a stool or ladder.

$10 says I'm not the only one who looked at 85's picture because of her statement.

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I'm really not sure what to make of that, but because of your comment I looked at your profile. If you're really only 21 going on 22 and a working, single dad then that's damn impressive!

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136- you know good for you.

Sports bras provide the LEAST amount of support...

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Well i have a B cup and they help me so they probably only help medium size boobs