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Today, while on my first day off in 2 years, I decided to play online poker. I won over $3,000. While filling out my information to get the money the power went out. FML
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Honestly....this is a fake FML post. There is no online poker site that holds your money and waits for you to enter information. Even if they did they wouldn't steal your money. Epic fail!


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Haha, fail whale. Very catchy. I'm going to steal some of your thunder and create the fail snail.

Unless he is talking about online play money, I can absolutely 100% guarantee you that this is fake.

Hi, my name is blalien, and I like to feel important and noticed by replying to the first comment in order to be at the "top" of the comment list, in hopes that somebody will give a shit about what I post. As soon as I finish replying, I'm gonna get my daily nursing from my mother's teat, and curl up in the fetal position as I watch my computer screen, waiting for somebody to agree with the comment I worked so hard to type up to get to the top. IMMA GO BE A FAKE-CRYING DOUCHENUGGET FOR LIFE.

I put it on top specifically so people would notice it before posting. I wouldn't have done it if somebody already had. And I don't call fake unless I am completely certain.

You're not supposed to be calling fake. It ruins the website. And replying to the top just makes you look like an idiot. If people really cared, they'd read all the comments, not just the first. And also, if you did bother to read the comments, comment #6 called fake. So much for making a point. Nice job, Alan. (-;

That's why you get a LAPTOP! Or if you have to have a desktop, get one of those 20-minute uninterruptible power supply devices.

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AME, your response to the fake-douche = amazing.

Fail whale made my day :] Well as long as he doesn't visit me of course!

Bahahaha Mike, you are officially my new favourite person!!

Well you did reply to 1. You wrote a long paragraph so you do want attention as well.

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well, nothing bad happened... he didn't lose anything... I've seen worse fmls

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ps, love the fail wale thing. it's awesome

dmmcintyre3 8

A laptop would not have helped, as the modem and any other network equipment would have lost power too. Unless he had a UPS for it.

Uh even if they had a laptop, the power going out would shut off the internet router.

and that'll teach you that gambling is a bad, bad habit.

rockyhorrorshow 0

Yep. Cuz gambling once on the one day he took off from work in two years is the worst habit you could possibly pick up. Don't mind the smoking and binge-drinking, playing a little online poker is just a straight up no-no. Jesus Bezus. Don't try and scold someone for being a little daring.

Wow, FYL. I'm sorry for the inconvince. Well, try again and hope you win.

That sucks. I dare you to think of all the things that you could have spent that money on :P

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Honestly....this is a fake FML post. There is no online poker site that holds your money and waits for you to enter information. Even if they did they wouldn't steal your money. Epic fail!

Nomad609 0

I agree, all gambling sites require registration coz you actually need a credit card to deal..FML is 100% fake.

abasio 1

First day off in 2 years and you play online poker. Yeah right! Then you win. Of course you do! Then at just the moment you were entering your details (which realistically you would have done at the start) you power randomly goes off. No shit? Either this is a blatantly fake FML or this dumbass who never takes a day off, ever, got saved from some online scam designed to steal his money by pretending he'd won something. If it's the latter, you should be happy that the power went out.

Wow - apparently you play on a site that does things completely different from anywhere else. If you really won $3K, is it not just saved to your account? Then when the power goes back on you can log-in to your account and it'll be there. I mean if you were on the last hand of a winner-take-all tourney and you had the nuts then I can understand. I just don't understand how your money went "poof" as I've never seen it work that way at all.

ya.. I don't know wtf the rest of these people are talking about.. Maybe they should play some online poker before judging others.. And actually there are plenty of poker sites that let you play for money, you just need a credit card. I've had friends win upwards of 10 grand. And you can choose when the payout is. So yes, they hold your money so you can still play poker with it. The money Isn't gone. Once the power is on he can fill the form out again, it doesn't magically disappear like that. Seriously... This kind of shit should be common sense.

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Money is the root of all evil. Maybe the universe is trying to tell you something.

Yeah, like go to work, slog your guts out and and EARN your money. Don't sit on your ass and luck it?

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Did you not see the fact that the OP said it was his first day off in 2 years????

xDex_ 3

if money is the root of all evil why do they ask for it in church?

105- Maybe to prevent the person from becoming evil?

tiggerdoc 14

Actually it is the LOVE OF money that is the root of all evil....not money itself. That's just paper...well and metal coins...??

You have to make an account first, so this is fake, or it's tied to the account so it's not a fml.