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Today, after being yelled at by our boss because the office computer server has yet another virus, my co-worker and I did a bit of investigating. Apparently, the viruses aren't coming from client emails as we previously assumed. It seems that the problem is really our boss's porn addiction. FML
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ninjuh_wingman 29

**** stars. Able to give you viruses both on and off screen.


IAmNotAnAnimal 9

You do know that women watch **** too?

Llamacod 11

I've read the post multiple times now and I see no place where it says the boss is a male. I think you assumed too much and you know what happens when you make an ass out out you...

Yes, I realize it did not say the boss was a male.. I was only kidding. But I find it very amusing how you all get so worked up.

Lol you should tell him you found out about his **** addiction his face will turn so white and he will be embarrassed

Rei_Ayanami 18

27 - You know, I've seen pictures of the girl in your profile picture many times, always with a different name. What is the obsession with people using other peoples pictures and pretending to be them?

^Because they're too ugly to put up their own.

No, 66. You don't get to pull that "I find it funny how you get so worked up over it" bullshit. You posted a really stupid comment. Now you have to take responsibility for your own stupidity and stop acting as if the people who corrected your stupid post are at fault.

Woah, no one is at fault.. This app or website is just for fun. But SOME people are a little weird and take everuthing seriously. You're pathetic if you think I honestly care what you think, especially when your wrong. Lmfao "you have to take responsibilty"...I didn't realize this was a murder trial. Way to make my night! Seeyah.

"...especially when your wrong..." The irony in this phrase is magnificent.

SouthernKiller 4

Failing a lack of complete details in the FML's I think it's safe to make certain assumptions. Sheesh The Internet these days...

Let's not feed the Troll, everyone. She just likes to **** with everyone and be the ******* cuntface bitch she is.

m0tl3ycru3 0

For wanking during a telephone confrence call?

Who would OP repot him to? After all OP stated that it was his/her boss

IronMaiden45 0

I'm pretty sure op can report it to his/her bosses boss because there's the owner who is the boss of the boss and the boss being the boss of the workers

Llamacod 11

Or her... Believe it or not , it is possible for a woman to be in a position of power too

yumlicious 4

Generally even bosses have bosses. There's always a higher up unless you're a CEO. But even then you have to listen to a board and can be fired. :|

Llamacod 11

Not every company has a ceo, sometimes your boss is just the boss.

lil_miss_katii 7

Don't leave us hanging, was the genre granny lesbian orgy?

22cute 17

Yes! Or confront him with the evidence!! The jerk.

Llamacod, please gtfo. We don't need your kind here.

Llamacod 11

And jim, I only call you that because you're not dave, what kind us that? And why the hell should I listen to you?

cooldukenukem 2

103 - am I missing the skyrim reference or did you reply to the wrong comment? I'm guessing someone took an arrow to the knee but I do not see it.

NullPointer 20

@43 wow, I can't believe people thumbed down your comment. I guess if you're not sexist everyone hates you. I know how that feels. All we know about this person is that they are a boss and like pornography. Yet somehow anyone who says "we don't know the person's gender" is thumbed down for being correct. Society is so sexist it sickens me.

Like 148 said, calm your asses down about the "sexist behavior". Obviously we know the boss could be either a guy or girl. Just cuz' they referred to the boss as a dude doesn't mean they were trying to be sexist.

midnightxloner 1

I think it was a guy * looks around wondering what his sphincter is *

NullPointer 20

@154 Being sexist isn't okay just because you weren't trying to be. The fact that society is so sexist that people are sexist without even trying (or even realizing it) is the problem.

Stop bringing tour ideas on sexism on a blog thats supposed to make you laugh, or cheer you up. You are entitled to your opinion, however im sure half the people on FML don't concern with these problems.

Why the hell would he be looking at **** on company computers?! He's an idiot..

Xr70r7 4

We wouldn't be having this conversation if you would just be in the kitchen:)

158- you don't know what a sphincter is?? You're an ASSHOLE.

n_epic_fail 14

How does someone who doesn't understand that watching **** could spread viruses to the companies computer system become the boss of the people that figure it out?

You could go and report him to the cyber police like Jessi Slaughters dad. :D

It's people like you that ruin a nice work environment

tell him he either has to lose his right hand or his right handman

xphoebex 5

OP This isn't even an FYL it's FYBL (**** your boss's life) You never know , he could be sacked and you could be promoted! :D

Llamacod 11

Or her... it is possible for a woman to be a boss too

So your boss is a an asshole AND a perv.

The way I see it, the boss *is* a virus. |the kid|

He should feel lucky, I use to watch **** all day at work also. But then I took an arrow in the knee.

Mipz 2

At work? What is WRONG with people?

Brett121 6

Our FFA teacher watches **** in class and has gotten caught but the school board didn't do Anything.

Dose the teacher use headphones or a home cinima system?

Brett121 6

Haha nope we can hear it in the class room

The_Troller 14

That's gotta be awkward. But just be happy that's all he's doing.

Reminds me of the time my old teacher got caught with a weed pipe and Betty Boop **** in his classroom. Ahh those were the good ol' days.

lor4888 0

167- In comparison no but it's still wrong. There's no reason to watch **** but because you find it sexually arousing. I don't think that watching **** makes you a perv but I do think it's unacceptable to watch it around children or at your job. The same way you wouldn't jack off in front of 8th graders.

heylesha 8

maybe he should do that on his OWN time

Llamacod 11

Or... She should do that on her own time.

Llamacod- you gotta stop posting on every comment, we got that the boss could be a woman the first 4 times you said it.

olivia_r 0

46- Are you that stuck up about sexism? We all know that yes, women can be in power. Just stop. You sound ******* stupid. Who gives a flying **** if someone says his instead of her. Thank you. :)

what if it was during lunch or a break id have no issue with it but thats just me

heylesha 8

its still on work computers, AT WORK

address the whole office and talk about someone's completely inappropriate behavior, leaving it anonymous.

The_Troller 14
keven501 12

Really games>sex I mean games are fun but really it's sex > games get a life

I used to think sex was better than games, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

182 - I used to make funny comments, then I took an arrow to the knee. Go ahead. **** me up. :)

flockz 19

i used to shoot people in the knees with arrows, then i got shot in the face.

I used to think these jokes were funny. Then I took an arrow in the knee.

SxeDaze 13

I used to think flockz was funny , untill i took an arrow to the knee .

Lol skyrim -.- for many of the ppl that don't get the reference games> sex

The_Troller 14

I took an arrow to the knee. But I still think flockz is funny.

No, not that Skyrim arrow jokes! The jokes are as annoying as the guards!

I used to enjoy sex' then I took an arrow in the knee and can only game.

Makes me wonder how you going through his stuff or what? Cause if you obtained it without violating privacy then you could use it to report him or something

IT people can do WHATEVER we want, we are untouchables, hahaha

Haha well there ya go then OP. Use it against him

Llamacod we get it damn it now SHUT UP.

MerrikBarbarian 9

If you are on a office network the IT techs see what goes through all the computers. It's not a private machine.

Yeah you know ones really pointed this out yet so I'll be extra sure to make it clear, the boss could be a girl, nobody really thought of that the boss could be a girl and now I'm going to reply to every comment that says him instead of her saying that the boss could be a girl, unless someone already beat me to it?

midnightxloner 1

They could have just traced the virus back to the computer it came from then put a rat there and within a day they would've found out. This is only if the business owned the computers which is what a presume

I think all 17 of llamacod's comments have been on here about sexism.