RIP in peace

By AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - 09/05/2023 11:00 - United States

Today, I got to find out for myself if dying in a dream causes you to die in real life. FML
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So, did it? Are you a ghost or a zombie?

One of the more disturbing dreams I had was being technically dead but still moving and running from someone who was after me… In retrospect my particular dream may have been a realization that my marriage to my now previous wife was dead or on its last legs… Sometimes dreams mean something and when they do I think that the best person to interpret them is usually the person who dreamed them. They are the one who knows your life and situation. But occasionally we are in denial, as I was at the time, and then it can be hard to see past that. On the other hand, I think that many times dreams mean nothing at all. I doubt that this dream indicates OP is physically dying.