By LightsOut - 03/05/2011 17:58 - United States

Today, I finished working a 70 hour work week. I'm a lineman for the electric company, and worked extended hours all week getting people's lights back on after a wind storm. When I got home, my power was out. FML
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Well that's ironic...

thanks man. my power finally came back on today after it was out for almost a week. appreciate your work


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that SUCKS

No sir, you suck.

haha sucks for you op!!

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no, you all suck! :D

Nah, only I suck :D

That does suck, but only one more fix and your day is done for real i guess?

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no a **** sucks, jk

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Get Bob the Builder to fix it. I hear he is pretty handy.

no I suck, you lick

the only person that sucks is... your mom.. oooooooooooo

that is sooo old ^^

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uhhhh O.O wow lmfao

I absolutely love the pic 1! the world needs more smiles these days! :D

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You blow and spit spitters are quitters!

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Did you know that the lady at the corner swallows also?

u suck, ur mom swallows

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I'd be shooting something

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He wouldn't be allowed to if it's a general problem in his area. Also that would just be so shit to come home to. Have some sympathy, idiot.

2- i was thinkin the same thing lol

hahahahahah WIN

I agree, if ur an electrician, fix it instead of complaining about it on fml

Well that's ironic...

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"cobbler's children have no shoes."

24 omg I love your pic!!

3- I love your picture.

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that sucks

DIY project?

So, if you can guide other people to fix their power, then you can do it yourself too.

That's not even the point of this FML. Please re-read, thank you goodbye!

he could have a different electric company for service.. then he couldn't.

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I clicked the thumbs up by mistake! But this comment is a thumbs down.

and i thought my colleagues were bad :)

Sorry buddy, but at least you don't have to wait to get it fixed, you can do it yourself free of charge!

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the customer does not pay the electrical company to fix and maintain there lines. The customer pays the electrical company for electricity.

either your the best in your company and everyone else are slackers, or your just REALLY unlucky.

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it's the nature of the work. The rest of his co-workers are doing just as many if not more hours as he is.

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94 did UR parents tell U that U were adopted

107 no I doubt they did