By drayloon - 27/08/2014 07:07 - United States - Antioch

Today, I tried to contact my college's financial aid office. After listening to the same damn "Our counselors are busy" message for over an hour, someone picked up the phone and hung up immediately. FML
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drayloon tells us more.

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Good to know I'm not the only one the system bends over and goes to town on. But as far as driving out there to speak to them in person goes, it's about a 9 hour drive assuming there isn't too much traffic, which there usually is, so that's not a particularly viable option

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Maybe you should rethink your FIRST choice of college >:)

You would think for the tens of thousands you pay in tuition, they would hire more people to answer phones!


Maybe you should rethink your FIRST choice of college >:)

They're probably busy gettin' busy! Quit interrupting them. Gosh!

You would think for the tens of thousands you pay in tuition, they would hire more people to answer phones!

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Exactly. You'd think. I go to a community college and the counselors are all horrid even in person... Fall 2013 I was a freshman and I didn't know how to work the college's website where you "shop" for classes (because it was a shit design and kept messing up). When I went in to talk to them about it and see if they could help me schedule classes, I was told that counselors "don't do that" and that students need to "become more self-sufficient." I felt like saying "You don't get paid to help people? What the hell do you DO then?!"

13- Well? Why didn't you ask that? It's a valid question.

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#19- You're right, I should have. I'm very non confrontational, though, and have anxiety issues so it would be very difficult for me to actually say that to someone! Lol.

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My community college had a time limit. 30 minutes to go in talk to them and set your schedule up. Only problem is that it was a group of 8-12 and all of them have the same 30 minutes. Horrid.

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go down there in person. and also tell them how bad their phone service is.

OP would most likely still have a huge wait. My friend was just starting college and she went to the campus to have a look around (she can move into res on Saturday) and she thought about asking if she could move her stuff in sooner but she said the lines were insanely long at the register's office/admin office/help desk. This is a good Canadian college in our capital city too. I think nearly every first year student is there right now asking questions and checking the place out, and I bet it's the same for every college right now. Understandable.

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My college's administrative offices were all the same way. Beyond frustrating! Good luck, OP.

Always best to go in person, they can't ignore you too much that way and might be cheaper on the phone bill!

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True, they can still make you wait an asinine amount of time though.

I lived in New Mexico when I was dealing with registration and financial aid for my Master's program in Maryland. Going in person wasn't an option until classes started!

I'll call & they'll be like "you are 3rd in queue! " *half an hour of elevator music* "you are 12th in queue!" Beyond maddening.