By jcooh0lla - United States
  Today, while my boyfriend and I were having sex, he suddenly stopped and walked to the kitchen. He decided to bake chocolate chip cookies in the midst of our intimacy. However, he told me we could still continue while the oven preheated. FML
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  realggirl  |  0

Yeah, or at least it was the first 100 times. I am getting so sick of FMLS that go "Today, my boyfriend and I were having sex when he started doing something else entirely unrelated. FML." I mean it's getting really cliche.

  elektrik_fml  |  0

i know. i honestly don't even believe this.


people are just copying all the other ones.

"Today, my boyfriend and I were in the middle of having sex, and suddenly he left to go ____________. Apparently, __________ is more important to my boyfriend than me. FML."

  Fop  |  6

I would stop having sex for such a stupid reason. Then again I would only have sex for children, not pleasure like most others.

@OP, he's a keeper imo.

  jcooh0lla  |  0

get over yourself..this is true, and i think its hilarious. it was good enough to make the site too, so quit bashing it. i love my boyfriend and when he's stoned he makes amazing cookies :) and i LOVE my life, haters.


Thank god the OP replied to assure us that the FML is not fake... I am also REALLY fed up of these comments stating the FML must be fake, for stupid reasons like something similar to it has already been on this site.

  rockmyworld  |  0

what kinda sex r u having?
jk :P well, not really..

i cracked up before i heard he was stoned, but that makes it even more funny! =D
You have betty crocker for a bf. at least, when he's, i wonder what was in the cookies besides chocolate chips?

  Jitterman  |  0

Heh heh... in a similar light my ex and I did something like this one night, while making batches of chocolate chip cookies... we'd go at it for 10-15 minutes, then swap cookie sheets. Made for a very interesting evening :D

  aziatic  |  0

Yeah, this guy must be gay - baking during the middle of sex with a woman? No straight guys going to do that, unless he REALLY doesn't like this girl or has is in the lowest one percent for sex drive

  omgitsafly  |  0

that doesn't suck; it sounds heavenly.
sex and chocolate chip cookies, what more can you ask for.
she is either an unappreciative girlfriend...or someone who copies the other million FMLs about the same idea.