By JillianJuneBug - 16/05/2015 16:16 - United States - Standish

Today, I got my driver's license. My dad made multiple copies of his insurance cards for me to give to people when I inevitably hit them. Because "Let's face it." FML
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Lol, my dad always had this type of sense of humor. He was mostly serious about this though, so we keep the 10+ cards in the glove box.

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Just make sure you don't watch fast and furious before going for a drive. You will get ideas


There's nothing like giving a new driver some confidence, is there! :-P

Just make sure you don't watch fast and furious before going for a drive. You will get ideas

And stay way from the Grand Theft Auto!

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Gone in 60 seconds, especially if you are staring at Nichols Cage

Or driving Miss Daisy. You might start chauffeuring old ladies around.

That's hilarious, but you must be doing something right if you got your license.

I mean have you seen how some people drive? Getting your liscence really isn't a big accomplishment. It seems they'll give anyone a license nowadays.

yeah, it's a test of basic skill. they literally take you through neighborhoods. that being said, OP's dad sounds like he has a good sense of humor & if he really thought she was dangerous and reckless wouldn't let her drive anyway.

Do your best to be a good driver and impress your dad. That's what I had to do. Ya know how hard it was to overcome the asian woman driver stereotype?

Let's face it, you just got your license, you have no experience. You could be the most careful driver ever, still there are situations where an experienced driver can avoid a crash, wether it is their fault or not, and you can't. Not nice from your dad to be an ass about it, but it's true.

True, it mostly applies for situations where it's an other drivers fault. Then again, on average the most dangerous time is about a year after you get your license. People tend to think they have enough experience and take more risk. After that, and maybe after a few bad situations they learn not to. Of course there are those who don't, I'm talking averages here.

Within 2 weeks of passing my test, someone drove into me and two other cars. Since passing my test almost two years ago, I've had 5 people drive into me, only two caused damage and that was on my old car which crumpled. My new car is mainly plastic so the people that hit me have come out worse. The majority of them have just driven off. You can be super careful but someone will always be impatient and not care.

Either it's from your experience from having a permit, or your dad really cares about your safety. I'm pretty sure most of our parents are scared of us driving alone, and don't trust that we'll have a flawless driving experience. If you've had a permit and had multiple wrecks while having one, then I'd say YDI, but if it's just a parent being a parent... there's not really a neutral button, so FYL.