By Anonymous - 16/05/2015 09:11 - United Kingdom - Aberdeen

Today, my boyfriend decided to suddenly stop in the middle of sex, just as I was actually starting to enjoy myself, just to bear hug me and exclaim, "Crikey, she's angry!" in the voice of Steve Irwin. He laughed so hard at his own joke that he went soft and couldn't continue. FML
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Shipley18 17

I want to know why Steve Irwin is on his mind during sex

pull a sting ray on him if he tries it again.


Redoxx_fml 22

Instead of the Crocodile Hunter you should make him the girlfriend hunter by dumping his ass

Varieus 30

Over the top much? Although with all these types of FML's it never surprises me seeing a comment saying "dump him/her."

ROFL that doesn't even make any sense, why would she break up with him? Silly.

MasterTron 24

More like poke it with a limp noodle.

i pictured Gabriel Iglesias doing this in his "I'm not fat, I'm fluffy" special

36, that's where I got it from hahaha

God dammit stop ruining noodles for me!

mcaisse77 17

Was this ever modded? Crickey! The beginning sentence doesn't make sense!

Oh, you're one of those. Why do women think it's ok to use sex a weapon?

pleasedie 22

And those are the ones who bitch and moan about being treated unfairly

#26, you! I like the way you think!

I don't, and the last time I checked I was a woman. You'd just punish yourself, because you're not getting any either! Women who goes on sex strikes probably never had decent sex!

I'd be annoyed, and then laugh, and then make it an excuse to have even more sex. You're missing out when you just withhold it, and chances are, at one point they'll get it elsewhere instead.

so you'll dump your boyfriend just because of one bad sex?

Not one lmao the FML said she 'actually' started to enjoy it

Shipley18 17

I want to know why Steve Irwin is on his mind during sex

RedPillSucks 31

what? Doesn't every one get hard at the thought of the crocodile hunter? No? Just me?

Did he stick his thumb up your butt and really piss you off?

Obviously, #11, some people didn't catch the (quite fitting) South Park reference.

You know how it is #43, we can't all have a sense of humor.