By Anonymous - 07/07/2012 22:00 - United States - Waterford

Today, while looking through pictures of my boyfriend and me on Facebook, I noticed that in practically every single one featuring my best friend, his eyes are directed down her shirt. FML
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Either that was just the biggest coincidence ever or he likes your friends knockers. But probably the latter.

flockz 19

didn't thumb anyone because i don't give a shit.


Either that was just the biggest coincidence ever or he likes your friends knockers. But probably the latter.

Down voted you by mistake

Oh definately the coincidence!

9 - Downvoted you on purpose.

Up voted everyone, because I love you all.

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up voted cos I like ur pic..

Downvoted everyone, because I hate you all! ..JK

flockz 19

didn't thumb anyone because i don't give a shit.

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didn't thumb anyone because that would be gross

I didn't thumb anyone; I fingered someone though--wait....

Guys like bewbs. Can OP honestly say they've never checked out a guy, or to take it a step further, went to see Magic Mike like every other guys GF did. I just find it funny that OP was looking at pics of her and her BF, yet really looking at pics "featuring" the best friend...

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I like your pic;)

124: I thumbed you down for not saying who you were replying to. 71: I like your pic too ;)

I want to finger everyone who commented here. Vigourously.

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#68 Down voted because it was at 69 and I want someone else to get the glory of making it 69 again.

#95 I don't really think OP would be particularly bothered by the occasional photo of him checking out boobs. However, to see him looking at her best friends boobs in every single photo is an emotional backlash. I'm sure most men here would find it questionable if every photo of their girlfriend showed her checking out the best friends package.

142 - He was obviously talking about the goat.

JKr3slEMO 5

142-lol I can say the same for you;P

Thumbed everyone down coz im an evil hate filled shitbag .-.

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They must have been amazing.

All boobs are amazing. The best part is that there are so many kinds: small, big, round, soft, perky and so many others! I always ask myself why us men love them so much.

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Or very disgusting... Both eye catching.

35- I guess I should consider myself lucky not to have seen any ugly boobs. They are all different but never have I seen ugly breasts.

hockeyoceancity 13

92- Look at a 110 year olds breast's. They sag down to their belly buttom with sun spots and wriggles everywhere... Bad friend of mine took my ipod for a day and decided to make an old lady my screen saver.

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He was just reading her shirt

Thumbs up cuz Eminem is the best

Thumbs up cause it was a funny comment. Not cause of the picture. Or else i would just have a picture of boobs.

If it was cold he could have read the brail on it too.

That's what he said

My girlfriend just found out I stare at her friends boobs. FML.

Haha, you're pretty funny! Wait, no, you're not.

If 5 had said it with more, "PIZAZZ!" then maybe his statement would have been somewhat humorous.

Oh really? Tell me more abo.... Wait. i dont really give a ****. This FML aint about your problems

I think he was trying to do a reverse fml...,

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Well at least if he ever breaks up with you he can't use "I think I'm gay" as an excuse.

mhopper 13

Gay guys like boobs too!!!

b0ngs 7

he may be looking at her boobs but he's in a relationship with you!

hockeyoceancity 13

Damn thank you for clearing that up for me!

b0ngs 7

^ shut up -_-

b0ngs 7

holy thumbs down...

161- Glad you realized you're fighting a losing battle.

Facebook: Why Social Networks Ruin Lives

Pretty sure Facebook didn't make the guy a disrespectful perv.

I know, I'd dump his ass if he did that to me, just providing some light, tongue-in-cheek humour.

So if a muscular man walked by you with his shirt off and you looked, do you think it would be fair for your boyfriend to dump you? We've all looked at one time or another. I wouldn't care if my girlfriend briefly checked out another guy, as long as she isn't going out of her way to do so and it's me she's coming back to. Being dumped for something as trivial as this seems hardly fair. Edit: I Realize that it's going on in every single picture, so sorry for jumping you like that. But my comment still stands for most situations.

He might be cheating on you

This is probably the dumbest reason to assume a boyfriend is cheating that I have ever seen. Wait... Yep, this comment definitely takes the cake.

Keliosan 6

If he was cheating on her why would he stare?

SenselessPattern 12

24, you would not believe how hard it was to not comment about your cake being a lie. Damn it, not again...

You're complaining that you have awesome ****? That is quite queer.

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Hey, if one can sneak a peek at some boobies, the chance will be taken. Don't worry about it, OP. I'm sure it was just his natural reflex. ;)

I think OP is more concerned that her boyfriend is looking down her best friend's shirt. If it was some random lady that he'd never see again maybe she'd be okay with it.