By mynameiscrazy - 08/07/2012 01:42 - Australia

Today, my boyfriend thought it would be romantic to make me dinner surrounded by a candlelight setting. By the time I got home, we had 7 firefighters surrounding our house. Turns out one of the candles fell on the carpet and lit up the curtain as well. FML
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mynameiscrazy tells us more.

No, this happened in Australia, and no it was not featured on the news of any sort. It happened on 30 June 2012, aha.

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unknown_user5566 26

I bet you were both concentrating on the practice of safe sex for the evening. Little did you know, fire safety would have been more practical.

whatsup215 0

He wanted to heat things up I see ;)


LOLOL. Your boyfriend is an idiot, that's the real FML. FYL

GovernorGeneral 8

1- And you're the real FML to existence.

It always sounds ridiculous to me when it's more than just "lol".

Yeah, because smart people never make mistakes

AbstraktThoughts 13

Fyl, but be grateful! At least your bf tried :) most guys wouldn't even bother to do that. Haha just tell him you'll do the cooking from now on.

How is he an idiot? People make least he TRIED to make a cute gesture. He had good intentions, and that's what matters.

Someone always has to complain about the first comment.. Not everyone is a comedian

48 - It doesn't need to be funny, it would just be nice if the first comment wasn't anything along the lines of, "wow that sucks, you/he/she is stupid". It's not that hard to at least make your comment ORIGINAL, even if it's not the best comment that could be posted for the FML.

mylifesucks_fml 1

46- exactly! and maybe theyll laugh about it one day... maybe... way down the road, but it was still really cute!

unknown_user5566 26

I bet you were both concentrating on the practice of safe sex for the evening. Little did you know, fire safety would have been more practical.

bizarre_ftw 21

Don't those two usually go hand in hand?

unknown_user5566 26

For those of us who are adventurous in their sexual endeavors, yes. Hot wax, anyone? ;)

I love that you just randomly brought sex into this, you naughty dirty girl!

bizarre_ftw 21

Oh come on! Sex was already in the picture begging to be brought out

Was gonna say something about "heating up their love life" but I see my friend kyleekay has already been much more specific.

unknown_user5566 26

Doctor, you mean we're friends? No jokes? I don't know how this day could get any better! ;)

111: You bet, pal! ;)

whatsup215 0

He wanted to heat things up I see ;)

unknown_user5566 26

Burn baby, burn! Maybe he shouldn't take things so literally next time. ;)

It would be so ironic if they were stress release candles.

The guy was just trying to do something nice. Sucks that he fucked up, OP.

It was the thought that counted, and now it's the insurance company counting how much more OP will be paying them!

unknown_user5566 26

Oh, hell yeah. Sexy fire-fighters coming to my rescue? I'm in. ;)

ashtay01 5


Original poster. SMH :(

Original poster

In your case, it stands for ostracized poster.

Did you really have to use Cap Locks and Exclamation Points?

ashtay01 5


GovernorGeneral 8

Forgot you question marks, boy.

b0ngs 7


skullofdarkness 18

I always thought it meant "other person" ...oh well, close enough... :P

It stands for Jack Sparrow. The L is silent.

I thought it was organic penguin :/

BunchieRules 31

Don't be fooled. It obviously stands for Ostrich Pickles.

Huh, I was told it was for Orangutan Penis.

Haha ur picture matches that perfectly.

aleeshttylXD 9

Obese Penguin


mischiefkel 17

105- I was wonderin the same thing so I tried this amazing new tool called GOOGLE. But I'll save you the trouble. SMH-shake(ing) my head.

bocshi83 1

awwww that is sweet though...he tried! give him kuddos..your not the first couple to have gone through this

BeforeItWasCool 12

No, many a couple come home to find their home a smouldering wreck. Perfectly common.

TheyCallMeDamien 17

At least you know he's burning with passion for you.

Makes a whole lot more sense now when your boyfriend asked you "Is it hot in here? Or is it just you?"

whatsup215 0

"Gotta let it burn" -Usher ... I knew that song had meaning for something ...