By kaitlyna15 - 01/08/2012 01:54 - United States - Bellevue

Today, while life-guarding, I had to explain to teenage boys that shoving objects up each others' butts and complaining that someone was giving them anal was inappropriate at a family facility in front of kids under the age of 10. FML
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Wow do people really do this in front of everyone.


Wow do people really do this in front of everyone.

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14, agreed. I've seen some pretty crazy stuff in SF and the memories are still forever burned in my mind o__e

Maybe they were just inspired by the movie Bruno hahaha

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Is that what kids do for fun nowadays? Give eachother anal?

I wouldn't expect a life-guard to have to see this in their job. This is one of those weird unexpected occurrences.

And I thought my job required dealing with A**holes. :/

I actually enjoy my job as a lifeguard. The more unruly the patrons, the less boring it is. Yelling at people passes the time.

My day as a lifeguard was worse. Had a woman screaming at me claiming her son was bleeding out and the lifeguard before my shift refused to help him. She mentioned it was also a biohazard and she was going to sue me and the city. I called it in as an emergency situation only to find out her son had only a scraped knee.

This behavior is ASS-inine. Butt I think you can end this crap by flushing them out of the pool. Edit: What the- I am a time traveler! Suck on that, 10!

Those kids are so CHEEKY Always with a GLUTE-ny for trouble Even in the FULL MOON they are up to no good

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I see techno music in their future.

What does techno music have to do with teenagers shoving objects up each others' butts?

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It's a stereotype that all gays dance only to techno music.

At least it wasn't an Elton John reference...

Wow that was an unbelievably rude comment. #5 I'm sorry your brain is so underdeveloped that the only way you can see the world is by reducing it to narrow-minded, inaccurate, stereotypes.

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I'm sure the objects see a dark future

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'Anal'... Stifferman, anyone? (someone please get the reference) But, hopefully you had fun explaining that to their parents(if they were around).

Um....I don't know it...please don't kill me! The knife is heading towards me.... NOOOOO

flashback.miss 28

Ok. go on youtube. search stifferman and click on the one with the user name mr.creepypasta. Do NOT read comments until around 4:30-5:00 or so. (note. I have not listened it in its entirety, but still.

If you have to explain an obscure reference, the joke loses the funny.

The **** FML staff? My comment was removed right after I posted it