By lotd - 31/07/2012 23:28 - United Kingdom - Henley On Thames

Today, as I sat down for my flight, I realised that the passenger I had to sit next to for the next seven hours was wearing a necklace made from tampon packaging. FML
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could be worse: could be a necklace made from used tampons! But seriously, that's ******* weird...


That must have been one uncomfortable flight!

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Really? It would be uncomfortable? Am I the only one failing to see how that is an FML? I mean, if the passenger wasn't doing any harm, then... YDI for being so prissy, OP.

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Am I the only one who fails to see how exactly this would be uncomfortable? I mean, if the passenger wasn't bothering OP in any way, then I guess OP deserves it for being such a priss about it.

11- no your not the only one, I agree.

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#16 - Thank you! At least one other agrees... Some people need to chill out over petty things.

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It could somehow be uncomfortable, but it kind of is suspicious. You can never be too careful on plane rides these days.

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Maybe she didn't have pockets and had to keep them somewhere, just in case.

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42: How is that suspicious? It's just weird. I honestly don't see the big deal about it. OP needs to get over it, there could be much worse people to sit by.

I agree with #11. OP doesn't even need to look at the passenger next to her if the necklace bothers her that much.

But the OP still knows that the lady is there. If it made her uncomfortable before it could make the whole ride uncomfortable, even if she is sitting somewhere else.

25- "at least one other agrees"? You got over 10 likes...

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106 - If you saw it before, my comment majorly downvoted.

118- oh okay sorry, I didn't see that;)

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11- i totally agree!! I honestly dnt c wat the big deal is. If OP didn't like the necklace, y would it be so terrible for her?

could be worse: could be a necklace made from used tampons! But seriously, that's ******* weird...

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Tell her you have a necklace like that too and spark a conversation.. Or just ask to move seat :)

47- Yeah, cause you really want to start a conversation with a person like that...

Don't judge a book by its cover. It could've been a special gift from someone.

54- Not sure if trolling... Yeah, you've got to be trolling.

@54 That makes every terrible christmas sweater, creepy ornament, or disturbingly-scented product look absolutely amazing by comparison.

It could make someone odd, but suspicious? Going a bit too far there. I'd actually be intrigued and maybe ask about it.

That makes my fear of flight even worse! Why didn't ya ask to be moved?

Plane could have been full and no seats. But that sucks OP. Why does it seem people keep getting weirder and weirder. (life-guard FML another example). This was my 600th comment. Woohoo!

*looks at picture* I...I don't wanna come at you, bro...your giraffe neck is scaring the hell out of me.

Chipmunk > spider... but Spiderman >>> chipmunk!

77- Normally, I would chastise you for speaking out loud every insignificant and nonsensical thing that spews from your addled mind, but you obviously have Tourrete's, so here's to hoping for a cure.

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Awkward ... I hope they didn't start a conversation about it :/ Sorry for you OP

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Well at least they're resourceful and ecofriendly!

And what a great conversation starter. This person could be an ecowarrior!

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Tempons are the new diamonds!

I read this in that character's voice LOL

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So she's a creep. Eeeehhh I don't see a problem.

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That's so funny! Maybe you can make a new friend.

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Or not ... Its rather strange

Or maybe she's just some extremely interesting rooster whom if you had had any interest in things outside of what you consider 'normal' you could have had a really enlightening or fascinating discussion with. Perhaps this was your loss...

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Amen. I put down my discomfort toward abnormal looking strangers one day and had a lovely and exciting conversation with a man who wore a lime green suit and a leopard fedora. He was extremely intelligent, and funny, he told me stories of his travels all over the world, his personality matched his attire perfectly, eccentric, but bright and interesting. I don't regret not avoiding him, as I would've if I didn't decide to open my mind for once. These people will really brighten your day if you just give them a chance.