By fatty - 17/11/2014 21:05 - United States - Gloucester

Today, my parents gave me fat burner pills for my birthday. FML
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That's rude for family to do. Should repay them with stool softeners, cause they are shitty.

Give them brochures for retirement homes for their birthday.


That's rude for family to do. Should repay them with stool softeners, cause they are shitty.

What the **** man, I swear you comment on every FML

@5 - Maybe worry about yourself. I happen to appreciate that he puts in the effort to make interesting comments.

I was going to suggest penis enlargement pills

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Who isn't a hypocrite at least once in their life? I missed 1 fml once I think... Like my comments or don't but as long as I have the freedom to I will speak my mind, as should anyone else that chooses.

I'd accept the pills, my fat ass needs all the help it can get haha. 113kg for the win.

I comment on quite a few FML'S also.....isn't that kinda why we're all here?!

I comment on quite a few as well...isn't that why we're all here?!

Right with #28. If you don't want the pills, I'll take them! Happy birthday by the way! :D

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Why do they call them stools anyway? You can't sit on them.

You can sit on them... Those are called suppositories. It's always funny when someone else gets it.... Unless you're the one that has to stick it up their ass.

I'm too lazy most the time I just like reading them and moving on cuz all I think to say is wow I agree that sucks

Sorry that this doesn't have anything to do with the comment but I'm hoping op will see this: Do not use fat burner pills, even though it may be a joke from them and you have no intention to I just want you to know not to use them. Almost every fat burner pill has extremely bad ramifications, they can lead to blood thinning, arterial tears and heart problems. If you do ever decide to become healthier please don't use them or other health supplements like herbalife and isagenix. Eat your bmr recommended calories, 1ml of water per calorie eaten (on average should be 2000-2500) and exercise. But please don't use fat burner pills.

Have they tried talking to you about your weight before, or is this an out of the blue thing?

Honestly, it doesn't matter. Either way they shouldn't have done that on OP's birthday. They probably just wanted to have a good time without being put down by their family.

First off... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :) Secondly... "Every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top." Thirdly... Your parents are dicks. lol

Clearly your comments are all about that bass

lol Yess! But people are asses and don't like it. haha

That's one way to drop a hint. Happy Birthday...? That is incredibly insensitive of them and it should only matter to you how you look & your desired weight. If you think you look beautiful how you are now, stay that way Gorgeous :)

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Give it back to them for their birthday.

slightly better then just straight out calling you fat.. I guess

Inadvertently calling someone fat is just as rude. In my opinion, I'd rather them say shit to my face not be rude and evasive.

Yeah, because being passive aggressive is always fun.

Give them brochures for retirement homes for their birthday.

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Oh this is so good. Paybacks a bitch. I'd give you a couple of thumbs up if I could.

I like your comment #10 and op in sure if you did that they'll never give you the pills again

Help them pick out a Cemetery plot too.

Give them back to them for Christmas. And Happy Birthday! Best wishes from all of us here on FML :)