By MAC - 13/01/2009 09:47 - France

Today, like every other day, I turn up at work at the security guard's gate to show my ID badge. Except that my brother had stuck a huge "FBI" sticker on it. My co-workers now all call me Mulder. FML
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Eir_fml 1

I agree with all here. Mulder is an awesome nickname.


Eir_fml 1

I agree with all here. Mulder is an awesome nickname.

C'mon- that is awesome! Mulder is friggin great and you should be happy!

pommeblossom 0

I LOVE THE XFILES! Your life has just turned for the better :D

bella789 8

is that really you in the profile picture? if so UR hair is amazingly gorgeous(:

applesaucers 0

There should be an "Effin' Awesome" or an "Epic Win" option somewhere. lol.

Dude! I would kill to have a nickname like that. although Scully would be more fitting, since im a chick.

nyangel 0

did they stop watching tv in 2002? there are so many other fake FBI agents out there, but at least he's a good looking guy...they could have called you Reed from Criminal Minds, who definitely not a good looking guy.

They could've called him Booth too but X-files is one of the series that started it all, it's something people like to call a classic

I beg to differ, but Spencer Reid (AKA, Matthew Gray Gubler) is freaking ADORABLE.