By bear - 21/05/2012 22:47 - Norway - Bod?

Today, it's been three weeks since I started using a hair-growth shampoo in the hopes of combating my balding. All it's done so far is make the hair I do have monstrously bushy, both upstairs and down. FML
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Shrubbish! That product is complete shrubbish I must say.


my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they're like "my treatment works better than yours" damn right "my treatment works better than yours" i could teach you, but i have a poofball

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Or he could just shave everything altogether and say he has alopecia. And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

Sounds like you could star in a movie called "Shaving Private Ryan"

Shrubbish! That product is complete shrubbish I must say.


Yeah, and he shampoos his hair downstairs. All the more shrubbish.

Who shampoos their downstairs hair? I sure don't. Don't need "extra volume" there. Guy "yeah look at me, I'm not balding" Girl "I got some hair in my teeth" Haha. I'm so bored...

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Best comment ever :) you just made my day :)

beggers can't be choosers, just go with it

Are you using the product "downstairs" as well? If not, you should probably discontinue usage altogether. Any topical product applied to your head but *works* on your pelvic area cannot be good for you.

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You apply it to your head and then rinse it off where it get all over your body.

^ wouldnt that mean he would get hair all over his body?

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52. - God forbid he gets some in his eyes.

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62) he did say it didn't work, and that it just made his hair that he does have bushy.

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What about eyebrows and eyelashes? Would they get bushy too?

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66, thank you. Made my night.

Maybe I've been doing it wrong, #28, but I can't quite picture how you rinse shampoo out of your hair and have it run over your pelvic region. My hair is on the back of my head so I rinse with my back to the water. It does not run down the front.

why would you put hair growth shampoo 'downstairs'?

maninthebox11 8

Maybe the op was balding there too... And felt bad about themselves?

I would assume that when using shampoo in the shower, it would reach there while washing.

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48- Yes, because some companies sell shampoo in pill-form.

Well I didn't know they made shampoo pills! What we can do with technology!

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I see no 48. Do comments sometimes get completely deleted instead of simply moderated sometimes? ...and is being stupid a ground for moderation? Just curious because you said something about 48 saying shampoo is a pill. ......If stupidity is grounds for moderation I'm totally screwed xD Waffles!

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5- that is exactly what I was thinking:D

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48- Except OP clearly states that it was a hair- growth shampoo?

Our schools must be lacking in teaching reading comprehension. Kids today.

Get it fixed before you start looking like Larry from the 3 stooges.

At least you don't have to worry about getting bald downstairs

I didn't know that was a legitimate worry for males and females? haha I can't say I've ever worried about it.

Yeah... now you know you shouldn't use that shampoo..

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they're getting hair, so it is perfectly fine to use that shampoo. If it wasnt working, then they shouldn't use it.

Oh, then he should just wash it in the sink so he won't get hairy.. down there..

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That would be extremely difficult to do.... Why not just lather it everywhere EXCEPT ... Down there? That sounds smart

True, but it would help the shampoo not getting there if he washed it in a laundry sink, those are big enough. :)

maninthebox11 8

Maybe the op has a really big head and it doesn't fit... Or he is a normal person and showers and just cleans in there...

16, it doesn't take skills to use the sink to wash your head, and it's not that crazy of an idea... It's a really good idea. If that's all op has to do to avoid having it rinse down the body, then by all means do it! You're making it sound like only batman can wash his head in the sink.

16 - OP didn't say it was working, he said it was making his hair "bushy", which most likely means it is drying his hair out too much and making it super frizzy. Also, it is actually quite easy to wash ones hair in a sink, given a little practice and common sense. Just because your brain obviously struggles with the concept, it doesn't mean everybody else's will.

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The batman can do everything. Just saying.

People who dye their hair wash it in there... so they won't get the dye on their bodies...

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109 - 26 said it would be extremely difficult for people to wash their hair in sinks.. so I'm saying that it's not because people who dye their hair wash it in sinks...........

I must be Batman then.... Can't tell if poster is serious or just dumb as a box of rocks...

Lemme get this straight... You use hair growth shampoo... Down there?? What? Does anyone else find this disturbing?

I think it was probably a hair growth supplement that is taken my mouth and is only supposed to work on the head (gotta read those side effects ;) )

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Maybe they felt sad they couldn't grow hair anymore.. As long as you have hair SOMEWHERE it's okay!

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18, it clearly says SHAMPOO.

Now... did you not wash your hands and fiddle your middle?!