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  dudeitsdanny  |  9

I think his reply made it obvious to the girl that you were his girlfriend.
Otherwise, he would have flat out said no.
I agree. it's humor, not d***ness

It's a FYL for dating a guy whose sense of humor you don't get.
Or for dating a guy who wants to replace you, but can't give a straight answer.

  MagicMeds  |  0

Shouldn't have said it in front of his girl though. In my experience girls aren't very good at relationship related jokes that aren't totally literal.

Not a dick for it, but he should've known his girl would freak.

  Rocksygen  |  0

Bad comment. Douche bags don't need to be "pleased". If you think that in a relationship the girl must only "please" the guy, then you've never had a real relationship.


Maybe he was high and went to the restroom and sprayed febreeze all over his eyes and couldnt see you next to him when he asked that? Or he went to the kitchen and got cheese over his eyes from trying to get the nacho without using his hands because he didnt want to get himself dirty, and then went to the restroom and washed his eyes and noticed he made the room smell of cheese and then got febreeze in his eyes?

  frostie  |  0

Completely agree with this comment. Punch that cock sucker in the face if you have a powerful punch. Make sure to go for the jaw for a knock out.

  bmach  |  0

Why is it acceptable for women to punch men over arbitrary things such as this but if the situation was reversed then the guy would get slapped with an assault charge over battering his girlfriend? Fuck double standards. Stop being psycho bitches who get to slap whomever they want, key whomever's car they want, and carry out generally cunt-like behaviour simply because they own vaginas.

By  jillz  |  0

If the other girl had more class and absolutely needed to know, then she would have directed that question at the girlfriend. "Excuse me. Are the two of you together?". The fact that she directly approached the guy speaks volumes.