By ugh - 28/04/2009 21:49 - Canada

Today, I texted my crush that I can't come over and invited him over instead. I was so anxious for his reply I took my cell to the washroom with me. Just as I was pulling up my pants I heard something fall into the bowl, I turned around and watched my cell floating in the my own pee, vibrating. FML
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YDI. People don't have enough patience these days.

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YDI. People don't have enough patience these days.

Back in my day, people didn't care about the people they loved! They sent a message and forgot about it!

That's what you get for using your cellphone while in the bathroom. YDI

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she wasn't using it , it was in her back pocket

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She totally deserved it, back pocket... Idiot.

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On some level, I do agree with you... OP should've payed more attention to her phone. But then again, I am sitting on the toilet as I'm writing this, so I guess that might make me somewhat of a hypocrite ( '-')

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wow this happened to me to. except i wasnt texting anyone at the time.

#4 lol i could fix it........ never mind

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Grab it and dry it off. If you're lucky, it'll still work and no one will need to know. Well, aside from the internet.

this has happened to sooo many of my friends! they all got it out of the toliet and wiped down as good as they could. most still workedd, but to this day i still make fun of my friend for her piss phone :]

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That happened to me but I was lucky, in that i hadn't gone to the bathroom yet hahaaha

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