Shit, dude

By Johnny on the Spot - 12/02/2009 17:19 - United States

Today, campus security called to inform me that my car had been in an accident. I rushed down to the security office to find most of the officers laughing. A portable john blew over on to my car and smashed my rear window. Now, security calls me "Port-A-Potty Guy," and my car smells like shit. FML
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Tomaino 3

You could have been the guy IN the Porta-Potty.


portable John. lol. and yes, that is extremely shitty.

Dr_Phil 0

Well that's a pretty shitty situation to be in.

Weird_Gurl7504 0

well atleast you have a car and go to college... you could be a homeless bum. so it is not that bad.

MiGman 5

I'd rather not have a car; than have a car full of a tonne of shit

based on ur logic: being a homeless bum isnt so bad, you could be a terminally ill three legged pony who is constantly getting verbally abused.

TJ_fml 0

Try using a couple of bottles of fabreeze?

Hopefully the school will pay for the windshield and a hardcore cleaning.

writerajere 0

I could be worse, have you ever been in a car that hit a skunk. There's not a thing you can do to get rid of the smell and your only option is to sell it at a lose.

No worries, the smell goes away after about a month.

Lmao #6... right idea... Folks, when you think your life us ******, remember you could be a homeless bum, problem solved :)

Sappho_fml 0

That suuucks! I'm sorry! I hope you have insurance...

Tomaino 3

You could have been the guy IN the Porta-Potty.

haha you still think it blew over.. hahaha.. me and the guys moved it then dumped it on you car.. haha oh my god I can't believe you didn't know!!