By Anonymous - United States - Wallingford
Today, while despairing over having been rejected for my dream job, I received an email asking me to come back in for another interview. Then they called me to say they accidentally sent the email to all the applicants, and that they definitely aren't interested. FML
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  LindsayxMoore  |  18

nothing like putting salt in the wound. they should have been more professional about it cause that was just downright rude. like getting denied a job isnt bad enough in the first place.

  \  |  28

My question is, why the hell don't they just give them a chance with a probationary period? How do they magically know whether or not they'll do a good job?

  Eek74  |  11

To #20: I interview about two people per week for my company, which for most applicants are their dream job. While I can't tell if somebody will do a good job, I often can tell that somebody will do a bad job. I interview for technical positions; I have a go-to technical problem that I have candidates try to solve. A good candidate will solve it in less than 20 minutes (and sometimes less than ten minutes), without needing any help. A bad candidate will spend 45 minutes+ and need many hints; a really bad candidate will be unable to solve the problem at all, even with a large number of hints and spending all the time I have available for the interview.

And as we often have candidates move long distances (sometimes across continents) to work for us, it is much better for both them and us if we can do a reasonable determination before they start - having them do probation and being thrown out is expensive for us and annoying for them.

  Eek74  |  11

"Definitively aren't interested" is the original poster's interpretation of what they said, and not necessarily a direct quote. For instance, I could have said something like "I think we unfortunately have to go separate ways; but we do hope that you'll find something that fits well with your skills and ambitions" for a candidate that we were sure we didn't want, or "You're unfortunately not a fit for what we have now; we will call you if there's a position we think you may fit" for a good candidate that we feel is somebody we might want, but not now and for this position.

Both of these might be taken by a candidate as a "Definitively aren't interested" - which is true, but it's isn't the whole story or how we would say it.

By  gc327072  |  29

I know how you feel.

It's always been my dream job to work for Dr. Evil, but the qualifications are steep, and when I called about a follow-up, the interviewer simply replied "How about NO?"

But I will keep applying. Maybe some day…

By  DocBastard  |  38

Aw, that's terrible. But chin up! I'm sure you'll find your dream job.

No. No you won't. Because you suck.

Haha, I'm only kidding. You're awesome, and soon your time will come.

Except that it won't. You're the worst. Ever.