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Coming or going

Today, I got a call about a job interview, saying I was hired. I was ecstatic, until they called me back and said they'd called the wrong applicant. They called again later, saying there'd been a mistake and I really was hired. When I went in to confirm it, they said they'd never heard of me. FML
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Kinda sounds like someone is playing a cruel joke on you. Probably someone close to you since they know about you applying for jobs. If it is a joke, that's a f'ed thing to do to a friend.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

At first I thought that this company was really unprofessional and sloppy, but once I read that OP went to the building and they didn't know him, I too started wondering if it was a prank. Either it's a prank or the company is really disorganized, but either way your life really sucks OP!


If he had applied to the place, they should have known that he had interviewed, at the very least. If they didn't even have records of that, it sounds more like a FUBAR company than a prank from a friend.