By One Angry Vegan - 03/06/2017 12:00

Today, marks 2 weeks since I got Oral Allergy Syndrome, a.k.a. randomly becoming allergic to apples, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes, mangos, carrots, celery, beets, sunflower seeds, fennel, my toothpaste, and more things I just haven't tried yet. I'm vegan. FML
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thehaystackerine 20

That would be funny as hell if meat turned out to be the only thing you weren't allergic to.

Beeing healthier than the average american isn't really a big accomplishment.


Wow that sucks, sorry OP

So how do you survive? ?

chickensheep 15

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people who cut out too much will have more allergic reactions. it's proven now and it's why they recommend eating peanut butter while pregnant and giving it to children at 6 Mo instead of 1year unless there's a family history

Beeing healthier than the average american isn't really a big accomplishment.

dope_mcfly 24

No, you don't.

I also have oral allergy syndrome, but I'm not vegan. I don't think it's related to veganism, or at the very least it isn't always.

Veganism and allergies aren't related.

tbdm 13

You need to educate yourself on nutrition before you make idiotic comments. Oral Allergy Syndrome is completed unrelated to veganism. I've come across a whole bunch of people with it, none of whom were vegan before they developed the condition. Vegans who become sick on their diet do so because they aren't eating enough plant foods, not because that's all they're eating.

Suaria 38

I was vegetarian for 6 years and I never developed allergies during that time.

thatslifeiguess7 16

I agree with you

Lol you're a fuckin moron.

thehaystackerine 20

That would be funny as hell if meat turned out to be the only thing you weren't allergic to.

I bet you're also hungry.

I don't know why, but the allergy to toothpaste made me laugh a little because I've never heard of that one before.

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It's not something you can get better from. There is currently no cure for food allergy. I've had this same thing since 2006, the year I decided to become a vegetarian. And I have gone to several allergy doctors. (I'm no longer a vegetarian.) Initially, the symptoms were mild discomfort and not so bad. It gets worse overtime. And I've become allergic to more things. Now the sight of carrots strike fear in me. However, it's not that you can't eat any fruit and vegetable. You just need to cook/process them first to breakdown the enzyme that your body is allergic to. So while I may not be able to eat the salad, I can eat trays of stir-fry and roasted vegetables. I may not be able to eat apples, but apple chips or apple pies are ok. Tips for OP - cooking them with heat or microwave works, pickles are ok, frozen food breaks down the enzyme. Pasteurizing works (no fresh juice - bottled of pasteurized would be ok). Dried fruits and vegetables do not - you will still react to them. There are some fruits and vegetables like celery that the enzyme does not breakdown even with cooking. So try each slowly and watch out for them.

I have the same problem with raw vegetables. Even just steaming for a few minutes them will fix it. Not sure what to to about the seeds and (resumably) nuts though. Unless you're eating those raw rather than roasted?

LadyAmalthea 2

Not a vegan, but here to offer my sympathy. Choosing not to eat some things and being forced not to eat something you would normally enjoy are completely different. I know some people close to me who struggle with food allergy. I think the most difficult part is the lack of understanding concerning their condition. Either way, choice or not, any dietary restricition you have should be respected by everyone! In response to a previous comment, you can develop allergies to a lot of things which we are not necessarily aware of, including toothpaste. Most of the time, you are allergic to one or several of the components and switch to another common brand not containing the ingredient(s), or if this particular ingredient is very frequent, you have to find a very specific brand not using it... Tough sometimes! OP, I hope everything works out for you, don't let the negative comments undermine you!

Rx: Bacon cheeseburger while wearing a fur coat and leather pants.

Holy shit, the level of ignorance on this comment thread is astonishing. "YDI for being vegan hurr durr", but the vegans are the condescending ones who shove their ideology down your throat. Yeah, right. I'm not vegan but it's incredibly annoying to see the bashing they get online. I don't even click on advertisement in my fb timeline about vegetarian/vegan food anymore because half of the comments will consist of the same lame overdone jokes every time. If you don't like it why are you clicking on it?? Jesus. Let people enjoy things and shut up about it. @OP: I have never heard of this syndrome before but if it's nothing that goes away on its own you might want to consult a dietary specialist who might be able to help you figure out which ingredients you react to and what choices you have left. Good luck!

Actually, I have a sister who's vegan. She's ALWAYS telling me to go vegan, how much better and healthier of a lifestyle it is. I always have to remind her that I can't do such a thing. As someone with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, carbs are a literal poison to my body. However, as researchers are beginning to figure out, completely taking away carbs and then reintroducing them is bad for the body. It has a 100% guarantee of gaining weight for such a thing. Sugar is another one. So I do a low amount of carbs. You should never completely take your body away from one thing.

Except we don't need meat so yeah you can completely take that away from your body. Carbs aren't meat....