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Today, a spider dangled an inch away from my face while I was driving. I freaked out and accidentally bumped the car in front of me. Three cops arrived on the scene and I had to explain to them what happened. I can still hear them laughing. FML
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In Australia, crashing your car because of a spider is far from the weirdest thing in the world. Our house spiders (Google 'Huntsman spider') are about the size of your hand, and love to hide under sunvisors or in car bodywork. Their natural defence mechanism is to run up the nearest tree to hide, which in the case of one that falls in your lap at 100 km/h, means it's going straight up your face, or maybe inside your shirt. Oh, and they also have a 'cling reflex' which makes them hard to shake off. Keeping calm while that happens is a pretty big test of your Zen skills.

A fear of spiders is more rational and irrational. Spiders are poisonous and creepy. An irrational fear is like a fear of showering, for example.


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Another spider one. How original. lol

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yeah i almost believed it, but then i saw op is a she is just blaming a poor spider for her less than poor driving skills

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I compleately believe it! This happened to my mom.. lucky enough the guy she hit wasn't a total ass and there was no damage... why the hell did the OP have to call the police though??

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OP may not have called the police. it could have been the person they hit. And this sounds like something that would happen to me. ugh

swipe it away and keep driving. I would have laughed at you too.

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I bet I can fin this exact same fml. how do they let these get posted? lame.

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stupid how one of the first things you do after the cops show up is go on FML and post this

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wrong FML mate. you wanted the one below.

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I eat cockroaches for snacks, they are so yummy.

No I'm pretty sure he wanted this website...

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YDI for having an irrational fear...

Some people really hate spiders. Everybody has imperfections. Don't hate, spiders are horrid, disgusting, and evil creatures. Sorry, but they are.

A fear of spiders is more rational and irrational. Spiders are poisonous and creepy. An irrational fear is like a fear of showering, for example.

No, it's more irrational as most spiders are not poisonous and will not aggressively bite you.

it's not irrational if your H2O intolerant.......*waves hands* BOOSH

Oh since when did we need logic for fear? And please squeezing out reasons to argue w him.. Fear is irrational and that's the way it is.

if that happened to me but with cockroaches I'll probably end up in a car crash as well.

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I eat cockroaches for snacks. They are so good with honey.

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F the other driver's L because he/she has to call the insurance company, get the damaged car towed to the body shop, rent a car and wait to get theirs back all because some dumb bitch couldn't control her vehicle because of the filth that accumulated in it. My car is messy, but it's never been so disgusting that I get assaulted by insects (arachnids, really) that infested it.

True true. OP is still very lucky. What if she didn't bumped on a car, but on a child? OP, YDI, be happy that there is only material damage.

A place does not have to be filthy to contain spiders or insects. Spiders often crawl into my house (to my horror) but my house is clean.

People who can't concentrate on the road in situations like these should not be driving. 

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way better than getting in trouble.

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Do you drive a mazda 6? lolo

lol you heard about that too? Apparently spiders like to zoom zoom :)