By sweet92 - United States
Today, I went to a store to buy pants for a new job. A really hot guy helped me get a pair down from a high shelf so I could try them on. He had flirted with me so I hurried in the fitting room so I could go talk to him. Note to self: Check to see if you have pants on after trying on clothes. FML
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By  ccrazykorean  |  0

i hate stupidity. how stupid can people get? and i agree - how the hell does that even happen? maybe he wasnt flirting, btw - maybe he was being nice and courteous like a store employee should. you sound desperate.

By  amy397123  |  0

Lol'd at 3.
I have done that before, you get so caught up and just forget, unfortunatly an old lady was waiting outside and she looked quite excied to see me.
Be lucky you had a dude.