Don't ass-u-me

By yoyo22 - 05/12/2009 21:04 - United States

Today, I was at the beach with my friend on vacation. We were playing Marco Polo in the ocean and I was Marco. I thought I heard my friend, so I lunged forward and grabbed her. Too bad it wasn't my friend, it was an old guy in a pink speedo, and I grabbed his butt. FML
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Who the hell plays Marco Polo in the freakin ocean? YDI!


Killuhk 8

Marco polo in the ocean?????? You're crazy lol

Gratz on being first! :D

xoxospontaneousx_fml 0

actually, ur second

I'm sure he enjoyed it!

LMFAO, oh mann, thatt reeally suucks:| i think you should limit that gamee to pools.. with no old men, or anyone in speedos in them:)

Who the hell plays Marco Polo in the freakin ocean? YDI!

Thinks*She's Probably over there!* *Swims for five minutes* *Opens eyes* Where is the shore?...

That's a pretty clever trick that guy has to imitate girls' voices.

lol, I just thought that his friend sounded like old men.

marco's greats epic fails of todays theme pink speedo gone wild

who closes their eyes in the ocean? YDI

lilmisslovely13 15

very good point ;D