By Anonymous - 14/12/2012 23:16 - United Kingdom - Bridgwater

Today, I sent an email to my boss saying I'd fixed a glitch in our mail servers. He called me later, angrily shouting that I'd done a piss-poor job of fixing it, because my email had spammed his inbox with several hundred duplicate messages. FML
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Wow, this is the first FML I've seen where a boss is actually right! Huzzah!



Wow, this is the first FML I've seen where a boss is actually right! Huzzah!

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Can't see how OP doesn't deserve this. But this is just how these things work... Fix a bug, get ten more. You just gotta keep fixing them as they come.

I check FML on my phone and pics show up pretty small. DocBastard, what's that a picture of?

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I'd say Doc's pic is a classic case of redforeman-itosis, but I could be wrong.

Time to go back to work..

I could imagine his computer just saying "You have mail" over and over.


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Was it fixed and another problem started, made worse, or not effected?

He's E-Tarded!

The clues lay in the traffic logs!

I really really hope that you're not with IT.

They kind of have to be. What kind of business lets some other person access to the backend of the mail servers?

And your life sucks because?? Because you thought you could do the job but made it worse instead? Maybe know what you can do the next time you offer to "fix" something :/

You're related to Max Wiseltier, aren't you?

I'm pretty sure he isn't

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At least you didn't spam him with penis enlargement ads, then he'd really be mad...

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Or maybe he'd thank him for that

His wife might ;)

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Unless that's your job, at least you tried! You can never really win with bosses, it seems.

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If his boss told him to do it, it's obviously his job.

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It doesn't say his boss told him to do it though.

Normally I feel bad for those in FMLs, but after the shooting today these people need to realize how lucky they are for having just this happen to them.

I used to care about shootings, then I took an arrow to the knee (I deal with tragety with humor sorry if I offended anyone)

Kind of irrelevant. People come here for a laugh and probably don't need to be reminded about this incident.