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  Link5794  |  18


By  Feverrotes  |  15

While many people around the world suffer from depression, sickness, hatred, disbelief, disabilities and other forms of tragedy, there's people like OP here who finds their life to be f***ed for getting their change back in quarters. Even if the machine ate your $20, it still wouldn't be an FML. If this level of set back is enough to convince you that your life is screwed, I can't imagine what you'd do in any of the above listed tragedies....

In any case, OP, you chose to toss in the big bucks without throughly checking the cash in your hand, and got what you deserved. YDI.

  sduhamel  |  0

it's all about the small things that happen in our daily life that makes us go FML! it's not a site where u compare starving childrens with ur prob.

  Feverrotes  |  15

Before, the context was that an FML is entertaining, or at least partly funny in some form, even if their life isn't actually f***ed.

This isn't even an incident worth mentioning.

By  Prolusive  |  5

You can turn this into a positive:
1) Buy something worth around $20
2) (I don't know how much a quater is worth) but give them $19.75
3) When the cashier counts it and finds that it's short, insist that it gets counted again.
4) Continue step 3

If they don't believe it's correct money after a while, take your change and walk out.