By quarterback - 23/01/2011 05:43 - United States

Today, while at the vending machine, I put in my $20 instead of my $1. I got my change back in quarters. FML
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at least you got change.. now go use a quarter to call someone who cares.. lol

At least you didn't get it in pennies?


so whats the fml? spend the quarters

Flamehog9 0

Did you honestly expect bills in change? They don't do that, YDI.

in Canada this wouldn't happen :)

the value is still the same as what you would have ended up with anyway. just have to carry extra weight..

what did u think? those things r made for dollar bills and 5 dollar bills

I actually do this on purpose.

She can roll them up and use them as a toy ;)

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Actually there are vending machines that give bills as change.

I laugh at that comment from you who I call number eighty two

heyy please message me i need to talk to you

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First world problems

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Right I see no fml it's still money, you can still spend it

At least you didn't get it in pennies?

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use those 80 quarters wisely....?


76 quarters. She's already used four. That should take some pressure off of her.

she should of yelled out "I won!" lol (:

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So? FYL because you got your change back in quarters? what are you bill gates' daughter?

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Haha OP is dumb.

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I don't get usually vending machines go up to $10 and down lucky your ass got the exact change so stop bitching

this is rather stupid, much like the op...

WTF quarters are fukin awesome, u fukin prick

at least you got change.. now go use a quarter to call someone who cares.. lol

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they would have to call a lot of people

Straight savage

Please apply cold water to the burned area

where is the FML in that? At least you got your change back. build a bridge!!

Do you know the amount of quarters he got back? That's a pain in the ass! That's what... 80 quarters? Lmao.

What if she doesn't want to buy the same product again?

She got change back so.. yeah she did buy the drink/candy-bar etc..

Now make your FML someone else's FML by buying something of $20 and use your quarters to pay for it.

Actually it would be less than 20 dollars. He just used the vending machine.

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Aha! Not necessarily. If OP realized as the bill was going in, he would have pressed the coin return button right away, hoping to get the bill back.

But OP said change which means he/she bought something right?

Then OP should buy something of $19 and pay with the quarters. Sheesh.

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I don't think I've seen a vending machine that takes twenties but what do I know I live on a island

While many people around the world suffer from depression, sickness, hatred, disbelief, disabilities and other forms of tragedy, there's people like OP here who finds their life to be f***ed for getting their change back in quarters. Even if the machine ate your $20, it still wouldn't be an FML. If this level of set back is enough to convince you that your life is screwed, I can't imagine what you'd do in any of the above listed tragedies.... In any case, OP, you chose to toss in the big bucks without throughly checking the cash in your hand, and got what you deserved. YDI.

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I think you're missing the point of the site.

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it's all about the small things that happen in our daily life that makes us go FML! it's not a site where u compare starving childrens with ur prob.

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Thank you, 19.

Before, the context was that an FML is entertaining, or at least partly funny in some form, even if their life isn't actually f***ed. This isn't even an incident worth mentioning.

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I agree with 19 and 44

at least you had $20 dumb ass quit your whining

You can turn this into a positive: 1) Buy something worth around $20 2) (I don't know how much a quater is worth) but give them $19.75 3) When the cashier counts it and finds that it's short, insist that it gets counted again. 4) Continue step 3 If they don't believe it's correct money after a while, take your change and walk out.

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I accidentally replied the wrong comment, so now I'm editing it because apparently I don't have the option to delete it. Hello.

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to the*

Holy shit you don't know what a fucking quarter is? ... me neither.

actually after they refuse to count it again reach into ur pocket an pull out another quarter

Genuis. I actually bought a 24$ ticket to mammoth cave in quarters and dimes. They were pissed