By DeniedAgain - United States
Today, I walked into a gas station and saw some $.25 gum. It looked good and I thought I'd had a quarter in my pocket. I find no change in my pocket once I get to the register, so I pull out my credit card. The cashier laughs a few seconds later. My card was declined for a piece of gum. FML
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  Dilwann  |  27

It also sound like OP wanted to buy the gum because it seemed cheap, not because he actually wanted it. And even so, you should know you're poor, so don't go wasting money on gum...

By  plexico  |  3

You're lucky he didn't run your card and say "Ten dollar minimum purchase on credit card transactions" and sell you the most expensive gum ever!

  regalarius  |  0

Why is a 25 cent purchase any different from a $25 one? If it's worth paying for it's worth paying for, and for me at least a card is much more convenient than cash...

  harmony88  |  0

It actually cost business owners a fee per transaction and a percentage of the purchase amount to accept credit cards. It's an unpredictable expense because cards that offer rewards typically pass the cost on to business owners who accept the cards. It's also why many business owners don't accept every card. American Express, for example, charges higher rates to business owners than Discover, MasterCard or Visa. Using a credit card to buy a $.25 item basically means the business owner is paying you to take their merchandise.