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OP here! Hey guys, so just to clarify, I don't have any daddy issues and I know who my father is lol. It just caught me off guard that my boyfriend asked me that so I thought about it literally first instead of how my boyfriend meant to say it for fun. But either way was a buzzkill.

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That question is pretty weird when it's being used in such way.

I never understood why people thought it was "hot" to say that


That question is pretty weird when it's being used in such way.

Tell him to keep the porn lines to himself, since you obviously don't enjoy them. Communication is key - just gently tell him you aren't into that phrase (and tell him now about any others).

I will never understand why some girls refer to their partners as, "daddy."

Those that due generally do actually have daddy issues what what I've noticed and looking for someone to fill in the father role as well as a partner. It's really weird when you start thinking about it. I knew someone who dated people old enough to be her father because she lost her father at a young age and wanted someone to fill in that role as well. The whole thing kinda creeps me out, date someone older fine, but if they are old enough to be your parent or young enough to be a sibling it seems kinda weird to me.

\ 28

I never quite understood why people said that during sex anyway...

Have someone fill in the roll of their partner and father? They are really down for the idea of having sex with their dad, that's just too weird.

I like "How I Met Your Mother(s)" take on that question! its icky! Now when we had our first kid I started calling my husband daddy as a way for my son to pick up on it and not call him by his name. However had my husband ever asked me that question during sex or in a sexual way, I would be so grossed out!!

Young enough to be a sibling? Am I not getting something? I mean, most people date someone within ten years of their own age or so, and usually that means they are young enough to be a sibling. Right?

It's a kink like anything else. In most cases, I'd imagine that people don't actually think of their partner as their father, it's more of applying a dominant role and title to their dynamic. It may have underlying daddy issue origins in some cases, but some people just like get turned on by certain things. To each their own.

No matter what kind of so-called Daddy issues a woman has, I don't see why she'd want to picture her actual father during thanks!

My mistake I meant young enough to be their child. Dunno how I missed that. An age gap can be good, but too big of an age gap can be bad. Most of us have gotten more responsible as we get older. That's why I think dating too much younger can be bad. Someone in their early 20's isn't thinking about things in the same way someone in there late 20's early 30's would be. However when you get older the age gap means less and less. 30 and 40 not so bad, but 21 and 30 can be a stretch.

Well there's lots of you saying ts gross and I can see why you'd think that. Personally I don't mind it. And NO I don't have daddy issues! I have a father and he is wonderful. So don't be saying women who enjoy that have daddy issues -,- if my bf asked, I wouldn't mind. Sounds kinda sexy to me. I wouldn't picture my actual dad though. My focus is always 100% on my bf.

If you don't that's great, though all the ones I've known personally did and there were at least 5 that did have personal father issues and wanted that lover/father figure sort of as a replacement.

I'd bet anyone on FML 5 bucks (USD, sorry non-americans) that 57 made up or exaggerated the number of girls he "knows" have daddy issues.

Actually, I always thought of it more as a husband and wife kind of nickname. You know how when two people have children that call them mom and dad they call each other that, too. They'll use that name for each other because their kids recognize them by those names and not their actual first names.

59, seriously!

No I didn't 3 of which were seeing married men and 1 did divorce because of it. It was rather sad and creepy. I also stopped hanging out with all of them for that reason. When I found out they were dating someone that much older and married I stopped hanging out with them. One of which that I know of is still dating men old enough to be her father.

I have a sibling that is one year younger than me. So you're saying it would be weird to date someone young enough to be my sibling?

He should've asked, "who's your big daddy?"

Wouldn't it be *little not big since we're all presuming the boyfriend is most likely younger?

Why did you presume the boyfriend is younger?

#14 Younger than OP's father I meant

I'm not sure many people are into dating guys who are older than their parents...

Your Bioshock joke didn't work very well. he's shouldn't have

10, I think you took the term "big daddy" too literal.

You should have said "Who's your mommy?"

I never understood why people thought it was "hot" to say that

I think some guys do it to have a sort of dominance over the girl, like a father figure. Or something. That's just my theory.

I dread the day that I get asked this question in bed. Seriously it's kinda creepy.

That's when you answer in a freaked out voice "he's right behind you!!!"

are you kidding me? I think it's hot! thumb me down all you want, it's one of my kinks. I'm waiting for the day my bf asks me to do that! just for the record, I don't have daddy issues lol. I just like being submissive and that's one of many ways of doing it.

Just make sure you use different code names in the future

That's Awkward...

Chandler pictures his mom, and made Ross picture his mom when he was with Rachel

Leave the parents out of the bedroom please

thats disgusting. why would he ask you that? id hate to think of my dad during that time.

That totally weirds me out too. I can't even have my boyfriend call me 'baby' without it creeping me out. Like you think of me as an infant? eep

He probably is using it as a way to seem more masculine not necessarily actually thinking of you as a baby #18 lol

reference to weird dating site FML from roughly 2 weeks ago?

Me too. It's too weird