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Today, while at a psychiatric hospital working as a student nurse, I discovered one of the patients had developed an unhealthy obsession for me. He was admitted for stalking and abusing a girl who looked just like me. It's only my first week. FML
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Hey, look on the bright side. Someone has a crush on you.

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draw a picture of you and him in a zombie apocalypse. set him as the zombie.


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No, not "obviously". If OP chose to work in that profession, then situations such as this are to be expected. You don't go into a psychiatric profession thinking your patients will normal and easy to deal with 100% of the time. I'm envious of OP actually; not because of the obsession the patient has for her, but because she's gaining valuable experience in her career. I've always wanted to volunteer at a psych ward to experience some of the things I may encounter in my future career.

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31- Since it's only her first week, that's an even better reason to stick with it. If people gave up on their careers because of one bad experience that quickly, they would be giving up on jobs that could possibly be very rewarding, without giving them a fair shot.

There's been a colossal ****-up in communication here. 1 wasn't asking if it was a new job, he was suggesting OP gets a new job. Yes, it was 'obvious' that OP has a new job, but no, that wasn't what 1 or kyleekay was referring to. Just saying.

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MITM- Good catch. I didn't even realize people might read #1's comment as "is this a new job?"

No, the OP should not go searching for a new job. I'm a student nurse too, these things just happen to nurses. I'm sure she won't have a problem because even if the man tried anything bad there is a whole team of people there to help. These kinds of things make our day more exciting and go by faster.

This sounds like something out of a horror movie.

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44 Yes that's sooo exciting! I've always wished I had a stalker with an unhealthy obsession with me. Doesn't everybody? WTF? That was a really stupid comment.

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56- I wasn't "ranting" in the first place, and I certainly wasn't in comment #40. I read comment #1 as a suggestion to OP to find a new job, viewed the subsequent response as that person agreeing with #1, and formulated my responses based on those interpretations. It was a simple miscommunication, as MITM pointed out. No need to be rude.

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Seriously, thanks for clearing that up, 38.

Hey, look on the bright side. Someone has a crush on you.

2 I guess the fact that he likes her is SortOfSexy?

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Oh yeah lucky girl! He's just the kind of person you want to have a crush on you. NOT!

I guess I missed when "NOT" became a thing again

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I guess you were too busy doing my mom in the hoohaa to realize. Don't worry. You'll get over it. Or not.

59, I think you should just shut the **** up, and eat some chocolate or something.

Thumbing up 62 wouldn't do enough justice.

Yeah... Slap some grease on your face, put on some thick, squirrelly glasses, and trash up your hair. It's a small price to pay to not be tracked down and murdered, right before the investigators get there... Maybe I watch too much Criminal Minds...

Run! Run! As far away as you can!! Shame man!


I agree, run away while you can.

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Buy mace..or keep a brick in your purse either one

I suggest you keep an eye on him, although you wouldn't be allowed near him if he was too dangerous to others.

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So, if the nurses aren't allowed near a patient because he's too dangerous to others, who treats the patient? Student or not they're responsible for these patients, it's the career path they've chosen, it's not really optional to just 'stay away' from a patient. OP, there are always measures in place to ensure the safety of staff, just stick to the rules and you'll be fine.

Yes it's true that someone has to treat the patients, however, if the specific patient is dangerous to that nurse specifically then I imagine they could easily assign someone else to take care of him.

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Well sure, that's true. But the patient could easily develop an infatuation with another nurse, it could be endless. Though it's likely if it's a genuine threat, they will probably assign someone else of the opposite gender, and very different to the object of the patients obsession just to be on the safe side. If they're lucky enough to not be short-staffed that is. A lot of mental health facilities have terrible funding, and very few staff willing to put up with the conditions. My aunt worked in a psychiatric unit for eight years, these problems are more common than you'd think.

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draw a picture of you and him in a zombie apocalypse. set him as the zombie.

... And OP shooting his head off with a shotgun.

Or just feed him pills that stop him from getting aroused

How will feeding him pills to prevent him from getting aroused solve anything? She didn't say he was admitted for stalking and raping her, she said he was admitted for stalking and BEATING her.

Are you the person that posted after the OP?

His word was abusing her just sayin.. More than one type of abuse

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Tell the administrator and get relocated. **** that shit.

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If OP wants to work in that profession, this will probably be the first of several experiences like this. It comes with the territory.

Halloween is coming up. Maybe you should dress up early?? Fake mustache for a while might throw him off his game.

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That's actually fairly common, and it's called transference. Patients often have misplaced affection towards a caretaker, when in actuality, they are in love with/care for someone else who may be unattainable.

It's a lot creepier when OP looks like the other girl

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13- Oh it's certainly creepy, any way you look at it.

'Unhealthy obsession'? He's clinically insane! of course it's unhealthy! You should be flattered OP! Everyone loves the sexy nurse. If you're working at a psych ward, then you should be relieved that none of them have stolen one of your articles of clothing, or thinks you're his dead wife who he killed after murdering his children, *gasps for air* thinks there is a conspiracy to cover up why he's at the psych ward, and went up to the lighthouse to find the truth. And ends up being crazy.

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36- Obviously, Buzz Killington. MITM made a clever reference.

It was an attempt to reference for people who have seen it without pissing off the bitchy 'DON'T RUIN THE ENDING GUYZ' people. But my cover was blown. Oh well.

are you sure he was crazy? or the was the good docter trying to cover his tracks...

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"of course it's unhealthy... You should be flattered OP!" I think maybe you should reconsider your stance

Well now that the reference was explained, I really want to see that movie...

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It's a great movie, Leo and Scorsese!