By stalked - 28/05/2012 06:24 - United States - Bel Air

Today, I found out that the person who has been stalking me has also been stalking someone else. I got upset. It seems it took being stalked to make me feel good about myself. FML
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Don't be upset, I'm sure you'll find a new stalker.

you should stalk someone else to make him jealous.


Don't be upset, I'm sure you'll find a new stalker.

KM96 24

No, she will not find another stalker ... They will find her

Lift the restraining order and start changing with the blinds open, and I'm sure he'll come back to you exclusively.

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50- Only half that statements is necessary... You decide

9 - A bald, white, German-speaking military geek calling himself Stormfront--are you a neo-Nazi, son?

On Facebook! Because stalking is ok with Facebook! *goes through somebody's pictures*

Dr0reos 8

Watever makes your dick hard OP.(its my new expression i thought i would test it out)

96,Considering that OP is a girl, I don't think it really fitted :/

Dr0reos 8

really I thought it Fitted quite well actually

you should stalk someone else to make him jealous.

blondebrunette11 4

I'm sure that if she's so happy someone is stalking her, shes already stalking plenty of people.

If by cute you mean completely messed up, I agree. I'll be your friend OP, can't stalk you from Australia!

You blocked me on Facebook, now you're going to die.

A jealously filled relationship with a stalker. What is this world coming to...

Mm, no, it's Pandora. Those bracelets are so ridiculously expensive! >_

33, don't get me started on Tiffany's!

Ahhh I love me a good "I hate twilight and Justin beiber" circlejerk

I could imagine you confront her about it like, 'He stalks me and me only bitch!' lol

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Lol I don't think the other girl will have much issue with that

alstbv12 13

Don't worry, I didn't forget about you...*creepy smile*

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Chuck Norris approves this message *see profile pic*

locketpop 2

You should walk into a truck stop at 2AM, that would really boost your self esteem.

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I dunno Vasilisa, a Wal-Mart is just so big and crowded and once your browsing shirts and pants your at them for a while deciding between this, or that? I just don't like shirt browsing.

Well we got a new dance, so get up on your feet. It's real easy to do, and it's called the creep!

Cheers, I had it personally made for extreme comfort and style. Looks like yours is the same.

Lol best song ever. Got to love them Lonley Island boys

How about you find yourself a stalk buddy,casually creeping but nothing serious.

Michele2luv 8

I don't know why you are getting thumbed down. This comment is awesome :D

I can't decide if this is creepy in a romantic way or romantic in a creepy way.

It's just like the green-yellow crayon and yellow-green crayon in every crayon box. Why would Crayola confuse children like that?!

You can get brown crayons in Australia, how else would you draw trees?

Tali147 16

In Israel they just gave us sand colored crayons... Just kidding. I like to joke about Israeli stereotypes. But in all seriousness I am starting to think maybe the OP got stalker dumped and so to prove to herself that she was not ugly she posted a ton of skimpy bathing suit pictures on FB...

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Sepia's gone? D: When did this happen! Sepia was the only brown worth using!