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That happens to me too! Hate it, sorry op! D:

did he tell you he loves you too?


That happens to me too! Hate it, sorry op! D:

Probably the nicest thing the pizza man heard all day

"What's your name?" Me:"Thanks, you too." Hate it when that happens.

I said "you too" when the security gaurd at the airport said "enjoy your flight." It happens Op, but you wont see that person again so the awkward moment only last for a moment.

When the waiter says "Have a nice meal," and I say "thanks, you too!" AWKWAAAARD. -collegehumor

34, I think you meant to write "- every human being".

7, that's what I was thinking. What if it was the highlight of his day?

My best friend/ crush once gave me half his sandwich and instead of saying "Thank You!" I said "Love You!" It happens to everyone.

Once, I was at a restaurant and when the waiter brought my food, I accidentally said "you're welcome" instead of "thank you". He gave me a weird look and walked away.

"So the awkward moment last for a moment" true... But what if it is the same pizza man that delivers to his house o.o then it might be awkward in future occasions too. Uh-oh.

I once said "I hope you get back on your feet soon" to a homeless paraplegic...

#84 you never know, maybe the next time he watches a movie, he will be thinking of your kind gesture, and maybe he'll even crack a smile

Orgasmic pocketknife

Did you get special hot cheese on it? lol funny but honest mistake quite easy to make. Laugh the mix up off ^^

What the fuck is wrong with your tongue.

He never brushes it, obviously. So it's rotting off.

^ How I Met Your Mother reference, by the way.

Haha, the pizza guy got the Ted Mosby special!

Can you please change your picture? It disgusts me.

I was going to leave an awesome comment, then #2's tongue made me lose my train of thought. Think I'll go brush my teeth now..

I expect there was a long awkward silence...

It would've only been awkward if he responded saying "I love you too!"

I meant to like ur post but I disliked it sorry!!

I meant to dislike your post but I liked it...sorry?

did he tell you he loves you too?

Well she already told him she loves him "too" so in this case he will have to say he loves her...three? :O

I think something like that happens to everyone at least once. Don't feel too bad OP :)

It's not a bad thing, as a matter of fact, I personally think that it is polite. That is why I say all the time over the phone (to end my conversations). *I love you*

pizza guy:" thanks... I guess(nervously)" :P

who knows? maybe the pizza guy said the same thing, and when OP said "im sorry, that was an accident," he said "well i meant it.". as he winked her goodbye

After a tough day at work, ordering pizza and telling the delivery boy to enjoy his movie...! Weirder still, he told me to have a nice weekend (it was a tuesday)

Im wondering if youre a man or a woman but also how did your mother react? But, hey it happens, and nothing a simple explanation can't solve.

The mother? She couldn't react because she wasn't there, OP got a text from his/her mom saying "I love you" and instead of OP texting her back with "I love you too" OP told the pizza guy that. The mom was not over the phone to be able to hear the whole ordeal go down, so she can't really have a reaction to this, unless OP told her afterwards. Which would make sense since OP decided to tell the whole world.

I love YouTube. It sounds similar.