By Musicfreak - 18/12/2011 23:36 - United States

Today, I ordered a pizza. I paid and tipped the pizza guy, and instead of saying goodbye, I got tongue-tied and said, "I love you, boo." FML
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Hey, it's me. I just want to say. I love you too And I will be coming by more often with and without pizzas.


How do you get "I love you, boo" from goodbye?

Everyone gets tongue-tied sometimes, not a big deal. Especially with someone as simple as a pizza guy (:

22- is your picture supposed to be a bunch of little kids as the jersey shore cast?

rexgar2000 10

Stop watching ****, you not gonna get laid with the pizza guy with that line.

Everyone loves the guy that delivers our pizza!

LunaDragon 10

Need a moment chew it over with Twix.

33- yes, I think it's sad how the future generation is being deteriorated by them.

Why did you say boo? Are you a ghost?? BOO!! :)

Banana_Pancakes6 0

Look around on Craigslist for a "Missed Connections", he might love you boo, too!

I called my friend Mama once by accident. And he's a guy xD We just laughed it off.

17 when your really high, but seeing as the op wasn't high, you have to be a complete dumbfuck

Maybe you'll get a discount next time ;)

Or maybe she'll just pay him in others ways... like a credit card!

^Your picture suits your comment. They both make me want to punch your face.

Well I can see my picture is working perfectly then

lil_miss_katii 7

did he at least say "I love you too" ? haha seriously that sucks, gotta hate getting your words messed up

gotta hate when people nitpick over stupid shit..

cjcstuart 7

Why are all the gorgeous girls in Canada?

cjcstuart 7

Roevera I'm talking about you btw.

Roevera looks pissed in her picture? You mad bro!?!?!?!??!?!?'

Hey, it's me. I just want to say. I love you too And I will be coming by more often with and without pizzas.

Whipped Cream filled Chocolate Log actually. Not for you though. But for my love I found today, by a simple door opening

RedPillSucks 31

I cum more often with pizza too.

blackstar994 5

Better bring pizza every time!

I'm sure you'll be delivering some big sausage pizza, too.

Don't forget the pepperoni stick they always forget the pepperoni stick. >_>

correct grammar would be great right here ...

Makes for a nice holiday season. Love to all

Jakesterk96 8

If he didn't say or do anything in response, he probably didn't hear you. If he walked away smiling, don't be suprised if you see him strolling in the neighborhood...

And then you two started making sweet love right?

EvilTwerp 12

They started to make a new pizza sauce. (I know, I know, it's disgusting.)

yohooooooo 5

that sounds good, can I have some?

It's like a start of a really ******* bad porno.

#60 all you see in the picture is the black guys teeth and not his face hahaha SMILE

Don't be surprised if he comes to deliver you pizza every time you order now

Steve95401 49

Maybe OP will get a free pizza next time.

dcg1375 7

Don't be surprised if he comes without you ordering....pun intended

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She should've blamed it on auto-correct

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Not sure how that gets confused with goodbye

Sometimes your mind goes blank and you say something else, while you were trying to say totally something different -____-

She's used to talking to her boyfriend, ya derp.

bmboente15 0

Yeah, that makes total sense, she talks to nobody but her boyfriend. I totally understand now

That's when you pretend to have bluetooth

What if he finds out you don't really have one