By effmylife - Canada
Today, when I was finished eating at McDonalds, I went to Shoppers to pick up a new toothbrush. I got back to my car only to find the windows smashed in. The only thing that was missing from my car was the Hello Kitty toy I got from McDonalds. Someone broke into my car for a 10 cent toy. FML
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  Vaetrus  |  0

You deserved it for leaving something so valuable out in plain sight like that!

Anyway, it costs more than 10 cents you idiot. Did you really think they were free with your happy meal? Price was included! You fail! Why don't you calculate out how much each part of your meal costs. The toy is probably worth more than the hash brown/fries/side or drink.

Also, sucks to have to replace your windows. I know that costs a lot.

  Corrupt_Tears  |  0

The toys cost like $0.95 or $0.96 (somewhere in that range) plus 13% tax when bought with a happy meal. They are about $2 (someone said $2.50, but it seems high.) + 13% tax when bought without the happy meal.

  cartering  |  0

actually mcDonalds toys cost $1.00 - they aren't free, even if you get a happy meal. Watch the screen board. half of the price of the happy meal is the toy

  Pandasaur  |  0

Wtf. Why is everyone debating the cost of a McDonald's toy? Seriously. OP got a car window broken over something that you could likely buy with pocket change. It doesn't really matter exactly how much the stupid thing cost.

  Candisemo  |  0

he still has to pay for the damage that whoever took the hello kitty made. and it makes sense to me that its a FML, because he has to pay some amount of money all because of a little toy