By effmylife - 06/09/2009 23:12 - Canada

Today, when I was finished eating at McDonalds, I went to Shoppers to pick up a new toothbrush. I got back to my car only to find the windows smashed in. The only thing that was missing from my car was the Hello Kitty toy I got from McDonalds. Someone broke into my car for a 10 cent toy. FML
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I would do anything for Hello Kitty toys.

rofl/fail and it wasnt even a 10 cent toy, since mcdonalds toys are free


rofl/fail and it wasnt even a 10 cent toy, since mcdonalds toys are free

If you actually buy the toy itself, it's $2.50. I was one of those kids who hated McDonalds and just wanted the toy, at my parents distress.

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WHOA, WHOA, WHOA. 10 cents? Psh.. They are atleast 13 cents and made in china. damn :l Do they get no credit?

I had them when I was ehm 16 or 17 I believe. They had Sonic the Hedgehog toys back then! 8-) Sonic!

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I get the kids meal, it's smaller portions. Who the **** wants to eat two days worth of calories in just a shit burger? Not I sir, not I.

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i agree with #44 even though the kids meal is still really bad! But OP thanks for posting. Now i know not to throw my kids meal toys in the passenger seat were everyone can see it!

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mcdonalds charges 1.00 + tax for a toy

ehh, no im talking about free with the meal. who buys toys from mcdonalds with a meal/fail

@2 (or 17): But they DID smash the window in just for something extremely stupid. OP still has to pay for that.

You deserved it for leaving something so valuable out in plain sight like that! Anyway, it costs more than 10 cents you idiot. Did you really think they were free with your happy meal? Price was included! You fail! Why don't you calculate out how much each part of your meal costs. The toy is probably worth more than the hash brown/fries/side or drink. Also, sucks to have to replace your windows. I know that costs a lot.

still same price just included with happy meal i work at mcdonalds thats why the happy meals are cheaper when you buy everything separate except the toy.

same, i loved the toys. OP, hello kitty + toy form = WANT

i bet they're trying to mess with your head

The toys cost like $0.95 or $0.96 (somewhere in that range) plus 13% tax when bought with a happy meal. They are about $2 (someone said $2.50, but it seems high.) + 13% tax when bought without the happy meal.

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actually mcDonalds toys cost $1.00 - they aren't free, even if you get a happy meal. Watch the screen board. half of the price of the happy meal is the toy

Wtf. Why is everyone debating the cost of a McDonald's toy? Seriously. OP got a car window broken over something that you could likely buy with pocket change. It doesn't really matter exactly how much the stupid thing cost.

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he still has to pay for the damage that whoever took the hello kitty made. and it makes sense to me that its a FML, because he has to pay some amount of money all because of a little toy

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it's weird that this is an fml. did u really care?

u fucktard asshole she means they only broke into her car for the 10 cent toy she isnt disappointed that they stole it ppl like u deserve to die painful deaths!

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THEy ARe NOtt 10 CENtS, THErE FRee

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I'd like to point out that toys are hovering around $1.70 these days (if memory serves xD)

Certain McDonalds charge extra for toys, but not all of them. My local McDonalds doesn't charge for toys but I've heard other places do.

I'm at McDonalds right now and I work here. I took it upon myself to look up how much it costs. $1.89 before tax. You're welcome.

Just checked eBay, 157% worthier now. FYL

No, cause you have to Pay for a happy meal to get it

the recession makes people do desperate stupid stuff

why did he have a happy meal with a you anyway? o.o

I think this whole FML is stupid OP was lucky they didn't take more. Scratch that the cost of the window is why they're mad.

I would do anything for Hello Kitty toys.

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ohhh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Did you find out who did it? Your insurance should cover it even if not.

how old are you? i havent gotten a kids meal since i was ten.

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dude what are you bitchin about. be glad they didn't take anything else

lmfaoo this made my day, but its okay i'll catch them and bring them to justice!

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They smashed his windows too.. Car windows are pretty expensive.