By cmzraxsn - 11/12/2010 19:32 - United Kingdom

Today, I ran to catch the train, but slipped on the stairs and fell on my shoulder. However, my effort was rendered useless; it wasn't even my train. FML
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Just a silly boy, Livin' in a clumsy world, Tripped for the wrong train, Goin' anywheeerree!

sourgirl101 28

Don't stop believing. I'm going to hold on to that feeling. Umm... I think?

theian01 3

#22 saved 14% or more on his car insurance

I suggest not trying to catch trains, they weigh quite a bit and probably would crush you However I'd like to meet the person throwing it to you O.o

29 - WIN :] I laughed so hard I felt a huge pain in my throat

DudeImBetter 0

I always wear shoulder pads whenever I play catch with trains.

RedJester23 6

if ur trying to catch a train , you cant afford to lose track

35 nice try. no. but nice try. anyways I love trains!! especially at rush hour. all those creeps. getting close. "oh sorry I accidentally touched your butt. haha. so ride the metro often?" or "sorry I'm going to position myself 2 inches from your face" or "I'm crushing you with my body you can probably feel I'm slightly aroused and I have nothing to hold onto except your right boob hope that's not uncomfortable. giggity'

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0.o so you're the creepy old guy who's "texting" while aiming his phone at a bunch of 8 year olds!

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how is it karma. maybe being late for the wrong bus I guess but that's just stupidity

ElectricGhost_fml 5

Unless your shoulder is broken or really damaged.. who cares? be thankful it wasnt your head.

Thomas the tank engine isn't nice anymore...