By Amanda - 10/03/2013 16:08 - Canada

Today, when I got home, my child had three bruises. My babysitter's excuse? "She hit me first". FML
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Maybe you could give the babysitter a few bruises.


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Time to get a new babysitter. Try my sister has a great sitter from there. :)

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17 - How do you know it was a stranger? I'm willing to bet most babysitters are teenaged neighbors or the children of friends.

I am a babysitter registered on, & I've had many great babysitting families contact me on there. I definitely recommend it!

I would have called the cops and sue her. she has a lot of nerve

I wouldn't sue her, but I would definitely call the cops. You don't EVER touch a child with enough force to leave marks, especially a child that's not yours! (Personally, I'm not even a spanker, though I acknowledge that there are studies showing some benefits) And I think it goes without saying that someone should not be getting paid.

Actually, studies show that spanking in itself does nothing to teach a child what is right. It only tells them what is wrong. Spanking backed by good communication, however, is beneficial but why resort to spanking when its the communication that's truly beneficial to the child in the first place?

While i will agree with you that communication is essential in teaching your children right from wrong, I've seen parents time and time again tell their kids 'no' or 'don't do that' or 'stop' and their children won't listen. I'm not saying spanking your child will suddenly make them differentiate between right and wrong, but it will instill some discipline in them. Also, spanking doesn't mean beating your child, so you aren't actually going to hurt them. I was spanked as a child, and though obviously at the time I didn't appreciate it, it did keep me from doing whatever was wrong to avoid a spanking.

Of course it varies from child to child but too many parents use that as the go to form of discipline without ever trying anything else. Parents forget that children are only trying to communicate the best way they know how. If there is a lack of respect for the parent in my experiance it can be solved by building understanding with the child.

Sounds like OP is about to make a LOT of money. I would sue her for every penny she's worth.

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My niece is a very good example of the benefits of spanking. When her mom is around (who doesn't spank) to protect her then she does whatever she wants. She is impossible to control and whiney. If I have her for a week or so then she becomes an angel because I reward her with good behavior and she knows I do spank for bad. I rarely ever have to spank her because she knows that I will. I do not like to spank a kid but at the age she is now, a light swat on the butt will save 100s down the road.

I was NEVER spanked as a child and I can honestly say that through trustful communication and the right amount of freedom I never got into a huge amount of trouble. I'm not spoiled or whiny, and it's because my parents never saw spanking or any kind of painful discipline as an option I grew up into an independent, well-mannered child. I don't see why people see spanking as a first option all the time, there are honestly better ways to raise a child and teach them right from wrong.

In Canada you have a set amount of lawsuits you can do in your lifetime. That is why they don't have retarded lawsuits like we have in the US... She's better off contacting the police and letting everyone she knows that this person is a horrible babysitter.

I was slapped and spanked as a little kid. I was also whipped with a belt (twice), thrown onto the floor (not that hard, and once), and locked in my room (three or four times). I knew as a little kid that if I did anything wrong, I'd get spanked or slapped because my parents had ears everywhere. I turned out fine. My Russian parents don't take crap from anyone.

Wait, really! "A set amount of lawsuits..." What drugs are the government/leader taking and where can I find some.

#154 no offence but I'm pretty sure that what happened to you is considered child abuse

"Trustful communication" doesn't work with toddlers, in my experience. They are simply too young.

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You need quotations, else it makes it seem like she hit you. In other news, fire her. There are many situations where the babysitter shouldn't be blamed, but this is not one of them.

Hmmm.... let me think.... Ian Huntley had been checked enough to work in a school and yet he killed two little girls. There have been countless other examples. Checks, at least certainly those in the UK, aren't worth the paper they're printed on. If you've committed a crime after they've been printed, it won't show up. There is a chance as well that it was a friend of the family, I've babysat for friends before and, as far as I know, I've never been checked.

I personally find spanking a child weird and would never do it. I think it has like sex connotation or treating a child like a dog (smacked "bad, dog, bad."). Isnt smacking some just awkward? Anyone else think that? Probably just me....I know my perception of smacking is weird, but I just can't get my head around the thought of smacking a child. It's so weird to me

For me it felt humiliating, but along with communication it resulted in an understanding of actions (bad behaviour) had consequences. I believe my dad only used it on 3-4 occasions and that did the trick. It shouldn't be used lightly, but sometimes I believe it to be useful.

80, your example also shows the problem with it. The child will only avoid the bad behavior when the person who administers punishment is there. They learn to work around things like this. Punishment is best used for situations where it's immediately necessary, like when a child is going to run into a busy street. I do, however, think it makes children more humble and that it keeps them in check and think some child abuse laws are ridiculous.

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Thorough screening only catches bad behavior that has already started. It can't catch a bad apple that hasn't ripened yet. Don't be so quick to cast judgement on another parent, Jack. For all you know they DID do a background check and it came up clean, or have been using her for a while now.

Wow, where to start. A) spend all the money you want, there are tons of violent asshole people without criminal records and perfectly sound backgrounds. B) i wouldn't have that kind of cash. C) maybe its their best friends kid or someone they fully trusted. It could be a traumatic experience. Don't you lay that guilt on a parent without the full story, its an FML, obviously not full of details. I find this comment extremely hurtful. Good luck, i hope you find some compassion in your life somewhere. And yes, i am a parent as well.

So if op goes to talk to sitters parents (assuming it's a teenager) and gets shit straightend out, op should still have her kids taken away?

holy shit overprotective parent much? damnn

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Calm the **** down and slow your role! There are alot of good people out there and it's ok to have trust and faith in humanity every once in a while. You don't need to spend 750 bucks to find one good person.

Or maybe the kid is just a little shit that warranted an ass whipping. Some children aren't so "precious" as we like to think.

Damn, sir. Nothing wrong with wanting your child safe. But you sound like an over protective parent.

If he's like this now I kind of feel sorry for the kids teenage years.. Sure it might have some pluses but the kid prob won't like it to much..

No child, no matter how much of a "pain" they are, ever deserves to be hit.

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4 I pity your child and any future boyfriend or girlfriend it may get. You sound like those parents who forbid everything, hire private detectives to checkup on their kids and who threaten boys by waving around a shotgun, to make sure their daughter has a terrible time growing up. And of course it's always the parents' fault, until it's you. But probably you'll find someone else to blame.

88-Agreed. ESPECIALLY not by a sitter.

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calm the **** down you self righteous prick

I ******* hate parents like you. who are you to judge the parenting merits of the OP. For all we know, OP did to extensive background checks, or perhaps even knew the person so well they had complete trust in them. unpredictable things like this happen often and you have no right to assume OP didn't care enough for their child.

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People like you make me sick, you can't trust anyone and I bet your the same guys who think that. not having military grade guns on you at all times is unconstitutional. So I gladly say **** you die in a fire.

Your coming off a bit, nay, very over-protective. $750? Id love to do background checks, but not $750 worth.

You never know when a person could snap. If I were to babysit and the kid is a brat, I wouldn't hit them but someone might have less patience, especially having to deal with a parent such as yourself and if the sitter had a bad week, they might want to take it out on someone and if the kid hit the sitter, she might snap even with a clean record. Thumb me now, but I think this is plausible.

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Holy shit! At the time I'm writing this it's at -203! This is ******* amazing!

4- you have no idea if they did any type of screening or not. They could have done a lot of research on finding the right babysitter. For all we know this babysitter could have passed with flying colors. You are a ******* jackass for basically blaming the parents for their child's abuse.

I used to work at a hospital and every person got a background check before getting hired. There were many nurses/cnas that seemed to be wonderful people and had a clean record. some of them turned out to be abusive/negligent towards the patients. Last year, a nurse went crazy and shot two of his coworkers. There are also many foster parents who have clean records and turn out to be horrible parents. You need to think before you say things. These parents do NOT deserve to get their child taken away whatsoever.

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You're a freaking idiot. I'm sure OP has a lawsuit pending the case.

thats called over protecting which is gonna be awkward later on dude

Maybe you could give the babysitter a few bruises.

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Wouldn't be the adult thing to do now would it.

Definitely agree, no one should lay a hand a child that isn't their own , I'd beat the crap out of the 'sitter. I'm very protective when it comes to children.

As should be customary. Three bullets to the head for said babysitter.

Either one would work, but I would settle for just whooping her ass to death.... Either way, bitch gonna die tonight!!!

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Wow are you even thinking before you write? Furthermore you could get sued for posting such comments

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Fire her, obviously. Get the law involved, she needs to be taught a lesson.

It's most likely a female baby sitter, most people wouldn't hire a man unless it's a close relative.

Please do get the law involved, it will act as a warning flag to other parents and save another child from this treatment.

Punch the babysitter in the face 3 times ! No one should harm your child

I think I would go a littlbe bit more than three times haha

When my sister's two year old squirmed away from her babysitter, my sister got suspicious. She set up a hidden video camera in her house. That ******* bitch left her in the high chair practically all day. My niece cried all day for her mom. And yea that ******* bitch was pinching her on the underside of her precious legs and arms. This was a "friend of a friend". That bitch was lucky my sister fired her before she actually saw the video. You just never know who will do shit like this. Sucks! Oh and files were charged. She won't be taking care of any innocent, helpless children again. Let's hope.

I think you meant charges were filed :)

Yes 155. Charges were filed. Thank you.

Yeah! Let's abuse someone else's kid for abusing my kid! ... Perfect logic.

That's pretty messed up to hit a child like that. Well firing her ass would be the first step. Pressing charges would be another step if you're willing to do that.