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Today, I got bailed out of jail. I was there because I saw a girl being hit by her boyfriend. I rushed over to help only to have her hit me repeatedly. The cops came and she blamed her bruises on me. The boyfriend corroborated her story. FML
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Yet another example that humans are assholes and trying to help them has a big chance of you getting in the shit

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you did the right thing by trying to help at least. ftl.


wow that sucks man

Why does it suck men?

I don't see the FML. Did you like being in jail? Anyway the argument was nothing to do with you :P

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The argument has nothing to do with him, but if the boyfriend was physically attacking his girlfriend, he did the right thing by stepping in. The only thing that he maybe should have done differently was to just call the cops and let them deal with it.

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It may have been the MORAL thing to do, but it wasn't exactly the SMARTEST thing to do. If there's something people need to remember about abusive relationships, it's that the boyfriend will emotionally abuse his girlfriend as well as physically abuse her. He'll make her think that without him, she's nothing, and that anything possing a threat to the boyfriend is in tern a thread to her. Next time OP, just call the cops and walk away.

Dude, it's suck COMMA man. They talked like that in the seventies, man. WOW. Just WOW.

Has anyone here thought that she deserved it? Maybe she burnt the toast or spilled the coffee ot something. I kid, i kid. But in a way, you do kind of deserve it. When there is that kind of situation then you call the cops and let them sort it out. If you call the cops, then your conscience is clean and you can blame it on the inept police force if nothing happens in an attempt to fix the situation, So then, your happy with a clean conscience. Everyone wins!

Agreed with Reyo. It's pretty sad how that works out. People have a bad time getting rid of things that are no good for them.

If there's something people need to remember about abusive relationships, it's that the man isn't always the abuser. For all we know, the girlfriend is the abuser and OP walked by when the boyfriend was finally retaliating. Would explain why the girlfriend was the aggressor, and not the boyfriend, and why the boyfriend agreed with her story; he didn't want to be beaten later.

S'why I said "people."

sucks your dick

That actually isn't true. In about 95% of abusive relationships a man is the abuser and a woman is the victim. In this case the reason she blamed this unfortunate guy was probably that if she didn't and her boyfriend got taken to jail or just saw her not supporting him, he probably would have beat her up even worse later. She blamed this guy for her own safety.

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No one will ever know what would have happened had the OP just called the police and walked away. It's possible if the boyfriend was abusing her that he might have done permanent damage or even killed her. I don't think anyone would want that on their conscience...that they could have done more to help besides calling the cops and walking away.


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Guys, what if she is a masochist? Doubtful, but possible. More than likely it is what you guys are saying; she is in an abusive relationship. Guys don't get it. When we girls get themselves into bad situations like that, they tend to freeze, and make the wrong decision. I bet in the back of her mind, she is kicking herself for not letting the OP help.

go back n kill both of them:)

riiiight because cops always show up in i dnno 5 hours.... he did the right thing trying to.. i guess hit the dude what kind of lame ass pussy are you if yer just keep standing there watching a girl get beat up?

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I just presented a PowerPoint for this subject, and it turns out that around 70% of cases had to do with woman being beaten, and the rest children and, quite rarely, men being abused. And it gets worse over time, but the victim generally denies the fact that they are being abused, or makes up excuses. Correct me if I'm wrong. Sorry for the oversized comment, people.

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from hero to zero

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you did the right thing by trying to help at least. ftl.

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I agree. It's a YDI on the girl, almost, though. Your boyfriend beats you, a guy shows up to help you, you beat him, and tell the cops your boyfriend's innocent, that the guy who defended you was the attacker... You should bitch slap her, OP. You did the time, now do the crime.

damn that sucks but she will wish she let you help her one day when her husband has a gun to her head

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She may have been so terrified that she was beating up everyone who came her way, and she might have not even been talking. It sounds like PTSD, honestly, but if it's not, then certainly YDI to her.

Yet another example that humans are assholes and trying to help them has a big chance of you getting in the shit

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that's really Fu***d up.

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Shut the **** up you fake ass nurse

She'll be so sorry when her boyfriend actually puts her in hospital. FYL for her being a lying ***** and SDI and any future beating she gets. God, even being a woman as well I will never ever understand this type of behavior.

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Heh, sure. I am a woman and I cannot for the life of me understand why another person in general let alone a woman would think someone deserves domestic abuse. That's some sick, twisted, ****** up bullshit. NO ONE deserves to be abused whatsoever. (P.S. - stockholm syndrome.)

Stockholm Syndrome isn't an excuse... she can identify with the boyfriend that's her business but she's being abused and she not only diverts possible help, but she actively attempted to ruin the life of a completely stranger (who was trying to help her) to cover it up. She loves her beater, she protects him at the cost of kind people, she deserves to be beaten.

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I'm a guy. I personally cannot stand the fact that there's other "guys"(because they have no balls if they beat a girl) who would do that. I understand it must be hard for women to come out and admit their boyfriend beats them, or report them... But this girl probably deserves it. She didn't have to ask for help, help went to her. A guy willing to help went, and the police went to her, and she turned on the man who wanted to help her. She's asking for it. She had a witness to the beating, she had fresh bruises, and she still turned away help. That makes me sick.

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I would say Stockholm Syndrome wouldn't be the best label, but Beaten Wife Syndrome definitely, even though they probably aren't married, same results. Look it up.

never, ever, ever get involved with a couple arguing or fighting unless you know them. The girl will, without fail, turn on you every single time and you will end up shouted at by two people in the very best case scenario. The worst case scenario is something like the OP has, all for trying to be a good samaritan. People in abusive relationships can be surprisingly loyal to their partners, excusing their behaviours any way they can. If they are adults it is normally best to le them know you are there for them and wait for them to seek help.

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I'm sure someone will say no good deed goes unpunished. but hey I say next time wait until she asks for help before putting on the cap superman.

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1) Never interfere in problems of people you don't know 2) She is too dumb to notice she is dating a complete asshole. Her fault. YDI

"Dating"? bf or pimp?

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'YDI'??? You are a douchebag T.T

he's an idiot for being a concerned citizen? indeed she should have chucked the abusive boyfriend, and maybe it was a little callous to jump in like that, but you clearly have no idea how abusive relationships work. i believe someone's already mentioned stockholm syndrome? not to mention, a number of young girls have been murdered by their psychotic ex boyfriends after dumping them. OP, you're a hero. i hope you come save me if i ever get beaten up :)

...callous? So it was uncaring of him to jump in like that? This is gonna sound more unpleasant than I would like, but you shouldn't use words when you don't know their meaning. Unless you meant that, which I doubt judging by the rest of your comment. Other than that, I agree completely with you. OP, I'm sorry you got screwed over like that. People are assholes. |:

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wat do you expect from someone called.. antichrist. im atheist and even i think that's just stupid

No one deserves to be abused. "I deserve it" is probably exactly what she is thinking every day of her life with this man whenever he hits her and that is a ****** up, terrible feeling to have. She's clearly not thinking straight if she's lying to the cops for this douche... or maybe she even has reason to fear for her life if she said anything against him. Sucks you got thrown in jail. You're a good guy, but a stranger can't do anything to help if a woman is already in that deep. Guess you learned your lesson :(