Big Mac

By Raiden - 10/03/2013 16:03 - United Kingdom - Barnsley

Today, my girlfriend accused me of being a feeder, saying that's why she's been putting on so much weight. When I said it might be because she eats at McDonald's everyday, and that I was willing to start cooking low-calorie foods for us, she hit me. Then she went to McDonald's. FML
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Leave her. She won't change.

KingCeltic77 18

I would try showing her Super Size Me, that might scare her into not eating it.


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courtney680 17

It pisses me off when guys ask if "it's that time of the month". She just could be crazy. And girls get defensive when they notice they've gained weight. You should just tell her she looks beautiful the way she is and leave it at that.

@4 Personally people become less beautiful to me when they lead themselves to death through McDonalds obesity.

If she doesn't look beautiful, are you suggesting he lie?

Time of month? No. Lunchtime, yes, all the time, apparently.

And secondly, OP, your name is Raiden...... FINISH HER!!!!

4- I am very interested in your response to 17. Also, she's probably not ordering salads when she goes to McDonald's. Or exercising regularly. I really hate when people blame obesity on anything other than themselves. Yes, like .1 percent of overweight people have some medical condition or something out of their hands. The rest? Lazy. I work too damn hard to stay fit to tolerate bs excuses like the one from op's girlfriend.

30- Who the bloody hell would go to McDonald's for a salad? I'm sure chicken covered in fat and salt over crappy lettuce and calorie rich dressing is sooo much healthier than a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder.

17, yes. You tell her she's beautiful but if she isn't happy with herself, maybe we could do _______ to change that. I do this with my husband. It's called respect.

@30 actually if you use McDonald's salad dressing then you're eating more calories then you would get from the big macs

The point was more about lazy fat bastards than salad vs Big Macs.

And 42 I don't think it's respectful to lie to your partner. This always confuses me. Is it better to be honest about it as long as you have the right approach, or better to just lie. I would hope those around me have the respect to be honest with me. But I can take the criticism. Some people can't handle the truth. The way I see it, if you can't handle the answer, don't ask the question.

A Caesar salad with grilled chicken 190 calories. Just saying.

tmmundy 17

Not to mention, 32, that McDonald's covers their lettuce with sugar to make it taste better, therefore adding more calories.

Even if it were to be "that time of the month" it is how she is. If he doesn't think "how she is" is compatible with the rest of his life he should move on, right, rather than hoping she'll change.

But she is an spousal abuser, she physically abused him, she hit him.

And she hit you, that is spousal abuse, spouse beating, physical abuse. Don't expect it to get better.

We'll stick you on high dose prednisone for your arthritis or lupus and see if you can keep your weight down. Most people are obese are obese because they eat like pigs, and other are obese are obese because of medications or illness.

so... because she accused him of being the reason she's getting heavy, when clearly it's fatass chowing down Mickey D's that's doing the job he's supposed to let that , and on top of that he's supposed to lie to her and tell her she's pretty? I'm sorry but that's bullshit. I don't know you but you're the kind of self-righteous double-standard woman that wants "equality", but with preferential treatment just because you're a woman. Pathetic hypocrite.

sorry that was to poster number 4. please, please reply!

courtney680 17

#17, of course you should lie to her. If I were fat, I'd want my boyfriend to lie and say I still look beautiful. Maybe I'd be motivated to lose some weight so that he would think I were even more beautiful. It's called being nice.

courtney680 17

#86, he could dumb her if he wanted to. He doesn't have to be with her. But he is and boyfriends shouldn't be a dick. I'm not a hypocrite. She shouldn't have hit him ether. Both were in the wrong in my opinion.

Leave her. She won't change.

And you know this how exactly? People change all the time, especially when a loved one practices this little thing called COMMUNICATION.

Doc, he did try communicating. She hit him. Not worth sticking around for, in my opinion.

Edit: Oops, I was on the wrong FML. *Facepalm*

GoodLookingGeese 10

Dump the fat stupid bitch, I agree she won't change.

GoodLookingGeese 10

Dump the fat stupid bitch and run. To hurt her take hers McDonalds collection toys with you. And don't worry she's fat, so she can't catch you. I agree she won't change.

18, OP wasn't the one who ended the conversation by leaving the house.

She isn't just an over-eater, she is an abuser. She hit him, that is spousal abuse, spouse beating. If you stay with her you have only yourself to blame when she beats your future kids.

All women are cows.

We don't know how the OP went about it. For all we know he could have said it in an insulting or demeaning way.

She gave you the Double Pounder. She goes so often to that McDonalds that they nicknamed her "Big Mac"

When I read double pounder and saw who was posting it, I clearly expected a sexual innuendo... Expectations unmet.

Enough with the puns.

iJUSTINsane 12

"You've got some ketchup on your chin" *OP's gf goes to wipe her chin* "Not that one, your other chin"

bobadrunk 6

98 stealing tumblr text posts ain't cool

102, because tumblr has created every pun/insult, right?

KingCeltic77 18

I would try showing her Super Size Me, that might scare her into not eating it.

It made me hungry when i saw it... Is there something wrong me?

KingCeltic77 18

Actually that's the same thing that happened to me. Then again we only saw like his first three days before stuff got real bad.

Take her to where the food is made, that'll make her stop eating. Movies like Super Size Me and Food Inc. merely educate people about their food through statistics, want to be turned off, you would actually need to visit a slaughterhouse.

I watched that 5 years ago and I haven't had Macdonalds since

I watched Food Inc. WHILE EATING A BURGER. Mere propaganda

I watched both Supersize me and Food Inc, I also watched "Farm to fridge" on YouTube which really grossed me and it turned out to be a video for vegans!

SailorSolaris 43

Didn't have to see it. I prefer cooking anyways.

In 8th grade they made us watch Super Size Me, but I forget a little of what happens and then in 10th grade Biology they made us watch food inc. After we were done watching it, it was time for lunch. I doubt anyone wanted to eat after seeing it. They are both terrible

Try to get her to take walks with you everyday but do it in a way where she doesnt feel like you're trying to get her to exercise

The best way to do that would be to declare you are going for a walk to enjoy the fresh air, and ask her to join you for the company.

1) taking walks is not exercise in my book (running is). 2) no point of exercising if she keeps up with the double cheese burger and a diet coke.

#110 - taking leisurely strolls isn't exercise but power walking around a few blocks is. I also read somewhere that it can damage your muscles if you haven't exercised in a long time and then you suddenly do an intense workout so power walking can be a way to build up to running.

Walking is better than no exercise. And you can injure yourself if you jump into too much running too quickly. I ran a 10 miler four months after having a baby and gave myself a severe stress fracture in my heel. Start slow and gradually build up.

kultyre 7

Is she trying out for supersize me?

Everyone's beautiful to someone like for ops gf she's beautiful to the head of Micky ds every time she waddles in.

Is it a Royale with cheese in the UK too?

Break up with her. She's abusive and volatile.

ninjajoehenes48 8

Double chees us, her buns are probably more than quarter ponders now.

Your puns are bad and you should feel bad.