By kaheera4 - 04/04/2014 22:38 - United States

Today, my mom visited, and I left her for a few minutes while I used the bathroom. While I was stuck taking a crap, she went on one of her religious rants, telling my children that Easter was off this year because their precious "pagan" Easter Bunny had been murdered. FML
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wow that's messed up your mom shouldn't be going around killing the Easter bunny like that.

Oh the loving embrace of grandmothers


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Today's religion is tomorrow's mythology.

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I agree #19. Not sure why #2 is getting so many thumbs down.

44-it's because the way she said it was really really stupid

#45, its not that what she said was stupid, but the lack of punctuation makes what she may have meant to imply completly incomprehinsable.

@46: "45, its not what she said was stupid" #45 never said anything about the content of the comment being stupid. They said THE WAY they posted their comment was stupid.

It wasn't that stupid the way it was phrased. It definitely wasn't incomprehensible. I understood it clearly and didn't have to think about it. It would be more stupid if someone couldn't understand that.

Go ahead with leaving the eggs around anyway. They'll never believe a word she says again.

Oh the loving embrace of grandmothers

wow that's messed up your mom shouldn't be going around killing the Easter bunny like that.

She obviously has details on what happened, Op an their kids can phone the police. Maybe a police officer will be cool enough to pretend to be the Easter bunny, safe in police protection too.

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It's nice that she supported your decision to celebrate the spirit of the day and played along in not ruining their holiday... Oh wait.

Why she gotta troll that hard though?! Smfh

Smfh = suck my fanny hard? :-) The phrase smh and smfh need to die. They're ridiculously stupid.

"Yolo" and "swag" are worse than "smh." Go make the most ridiculous sayings die out before you target the petty ones.

Both your comments are void as you honestly beleive that YOLO, smh and swag are either a phrase or a saying. In actual fact, they are abbreviations and/or slang! smh at swagfag teenieboppers.

"Slang is an abbreviation of the word shortened language." I think that's a quote from the Big Bang Theory.

But like all great Saviors! The Easter Bunny rose from his tomb and still had his way with all those chickens. Amen!

That's when you tell them grandmas just mad because the Easter bunny never got her anything, and teach them a lesson on why you don't take your anger out on other people.

Am I the only one who is wondering who would go out all the way to Easter Island to do that?