By kaheera4 - United States
Today, my mom visited, and I left her for a few minutes while I used the bathroom. While I was stuck taking a crap, she went on one of her religious rants, telling my children that Easter was off this year because their precious "pagan" Easter Bunny had been murdered. FML
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  sjbartholome  |  14

@46: "45, its not what she said was stupid" #45 never said anything about the content of the comment being stupid. They said THE WAY they posted their comment was stupid.

  epeeftw  |  15

It wasn't that stupid the way it was phrased. It definitely wasn't incomprehensible. I understood it clearly and didn't have to think about it. It would be more stupid if someone couldn't understand that.

  ironichalibut  |  24

She obviously has details on what happened, Op an their kids can phone the police. Maybe a police officer will be cool enough to pretend to be the Easter bunny, safe in police protection too.

  PIGaming  |  21

Both your comments are void as you honestly beleive that YOLO, smh and swag are either a phrase or a saying. In actual fact, they are abbreviations and/or slang! smh at swagfag teenieboppers.

By  Retrokitty  |  9

That's when you tell them grandmas just mad because the Easter bunny never got her anything, and teach them a lesson on why you don't take your anger out on other people.