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Today, my husband and I hosted Easter dinner. Since I was in my own home, I breastfed without a cover. My sister-in-law stormed out in a rage, screaming that I was being obscene, and equated it to shooting heroin in front of her kids. Happy Easter indeed. FML
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By  azouwa  |  26

I've noticed its only women who seem to have a problem with breast feeding. I've never met or heard of a male who has issues with it. A woman once gave me that look as I breast fed my baby in the back seat of a car, with a cover, in a parking lot. Sorry OP. FYL. :-(

  Zekfen  |  17

I’ve read/heard stories where it is men harassing women for doing so. Down here in the Bible Belt it happens a lot, old, young, male, female. You’d think religious people would be all for it, that is how Jesus was raised after all!


seriously? you've never heard of a women being told shes a whore or a pervert for BF? trying googling it. one woman was verbally assaulted by a guy in a bookstore I think it was for bf her babe.

  corky1992  |  33

It does happen. I saw a video a year or two ago that went viral about a man being nasty to a woman for breastfeeding in Target. He was escorted out by employees.

  withered  |  30

Agreed. For some weird reason people get offended that something they masturbate to is used for it's actual purpose. Yet having giant cleavage doesn't bother them at all. "How dare you attach a child to your breast in public!? I can't wank to that! Just show off your breasts without a child and let the child scream and be hungry!". I guess they have some fucked up view about human bodies.

  mssileas  |  25

...and that is OP's problem how?

Dude if your husband can't keep it in his pants because some woman is feeding her baby, sort his ass out. Also, if her SISTER-IN-LAW was upset, you think her own brother would have gotten a stiffy from watching his sister breatfeed his niece/nephew....???

But good job on just putting the blame on the woman in this story, you are the pinnacle of human development.

By  sbhular  |  7

So, I’ve noticed that women who didn’t breast feed sometimes have an irrational anger or annoyance at breastfeeding because society makes them feel guilty. Although we all know fed is best!

By  ohsnapword  |  21

How dare you allow your child to eat in the presence of others. Don't you know that children are supposed to eat in the bathroom? It's only civilized to feed your child while sitting on the toilet.