By Anonymous - 04/04/2014 17:26 - Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo

Today, I was feeling adventurous and decided to freeball it to school. As I went to sit down during first class, I managed to sit on my own balls, scream, then collapse on the floor gasping. My teacher thought I was screwing around and gave me detention. FML
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You sat on your own testicles?

Scubanaut 13

I'm missing the adventure in this situation?


You sat on your own testicles?

I guess you could say that free balling it was pretty ballsy

8313girl 28

If you're getting detention, then you're too young time to be sitting on your balls

juan3611 14

This happens to me a lot :(

MrGymnastic 12

#32 - I seriously wish I could double like comments lmfao. nice!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#1 and #22 have the same picture... Not sure why that fascinates me so much but I thought it was the same person and it's not...

Year 13s still get detention at my school...

This is my favorite FML of all time. I laugh every time I read it.

#75 year 13's????

#77 12th grade, seniors. (kindergarten being year one.)

It happens far too often

Scubanaut 13

I'm missing the adventure in this situation?

The wind whipping through his (pubic) hair, the feeling of freedom that man can only experience whilst his family jewels hang free of clothing and inhibition...

I love you #31 xD

@31 Found the tumblr user!

buttcramp 21

Well OP you have two choices: explain to the teacher what actually happened or suffer through detention. Both outcomes will suck, but at least you have options.

You were screwing around. You'll probably get detention either way; no need to embarrass yourself further by explaining.

Its not screwing around to not wear underwear. Its his choice. Maybe his underwear makes him feel uncomfortable? Doesn't matter, his choice. He should have been more careful, yes, but it was an accident, a painful one, and the teacher shouldn't punish students for accidents. He didn't mean to squish his balls. He didn't do anything wrong to others. Yeah, maybe his scream was a pain to others' ears, but come on, have a little sympathy. He squished his balls for goodness sake! What a rude teacher. Handing out detentions like that. Teachers teach people. What does the teacher think hes/shes training pets?

What is free balling?

Not wearing underwear under your pants

When I guy wears no underwear under his pants/shorts I suppose

That's kinda cool how all three replies before me were in the same minute

martin8337 35

Going commando.

martin8337 35

Wearing boxers is the next best thing to freeballing.

ThomasBombadil 31

Similar to a when a woman doesn't wear a bra. Some guys feel the underwear "restricts" them.

It's when you don't wear underwear

Ouch ! Bawling on the ground in pain. Well, tell us honestly, did you have a ball in detention?

grapefruit_hd 7

Haha what a puun

That's enough adventure for one day, don't you think?

Who sits on their balls? I'm seriously wondering if guys do that now…

It is possible. It's more likely on a warm day I guess than a cold one (your balls go up and down depending on the temperature, a neat little trick we guys have). I imagine it's far more common when freeballing as your pants (or underwear if you are American) hold them in place..

You guys must have like massive balls. I've free balled before and never sat on mine. I didn't realize this was possible.

That sucks balls, OP

If you're offering to kiss the OP's balls better, it might end up that way...

babygurll19 10

Those are so big balls :O

life_sucks225 13

No, OP probably has really saggy ones if they go down low enough to the point to where he can sit on them.