By crosscountryfatigue
Today, with one week left until I fly to my new apartment, movers loaded my belongings and happily drove off. They even loaded my unpacked, inflated air mattress. Looks like I'm sleeping on the floor for a week. FML
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By  wysegirl  |  21

Could have been worse.. They could have packed you debit/credit cards too...

By  Elizabeth Scro  |  4

movers don't just randomly show up. And you or somebody must have let them come in and pack all your stuff. So you deserve this for not scheduling things appropriately and allowing it to happen

  mikbrooke  |  25

i think the OPs problem is the fact they took her air mattress, despite it being unpacked. her problem is definitely not that the movers showed up at all.

By  ojosRojos  |  28

Yeah movers pack up everything as is when they come. Like they even pack garbage cans full of trash. I was lucky that someone told me that before I moved across the country. I’m sorry that happened to you, and I hope you find a more comfy place to sleep before your move!

By  KittyMack  |  13

If a new one isn't in the budget (which must be the case or there's no fml) perhaps it's worth a try to complain to the moving company and see if they might pay for one. Seems like a very stupid mistake on the movers' part. Surely they have seen a million places where the client had an air mattress there for using after the furniture was gone. How could they not understand? It's a common, normal part of moving. Rheir mistake, they should fix it.
Unless OP said something like "Pack up literally everything and leave the place empty" and assumed they'd know she meant "...except items A,B, and C" That's a ydi.