By Anonymous
Today, we'd booked a spot for 20 people for my grandma's birthday. Turns out the reservation didn't go through. Now 20 people are waiting inside and outside for a group of old people to finish eating. They just barely got their food. FML
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  cocacola999  |  27

I don't think there are many good restaurants that can just fit 20 people in comfortably. And better towait than to go to a crappy place on grandma's birthday.

By  linnie_wesker  |  20

Everyone is so quick to blame the restaurant. "didn't go through" suggests they used an online reservation service and it is very much THEIR fault. I hosted at a restaurant for over two years and I can promise you 90% of the people making reservations have absolutely no idea what they're doing, between calling the wrong restaurant chain, wrong location, telling the wrong time or telling an extremely different number from what actually shows up. Hosts are not mind readers, get your own damn reservation right and DOUBLE CHECK IT'S RECORDED IF YOU DIDN'T MAKE THE RESERVATION WITH AN ACTUAL HUMAN.